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Founded in 1998 by MIT Media Lab Ph.D. William Gardner, Wave Arts focuses on professional grade audio processing software for embedded systems and professional audio applications. Millions of consumers and audio professionals worldwide benefit every day from the research and technology produced by Dr. Gardner and the Wave Arts team in Arlington, Massachusetts…

For professional audio engineers and musicians, we offer some of the most robust, high quality, and efficient audio processing software available for Windows and Macintosh computer production environments. Critics and our customers agree: our products sound as good or better than those costing much more. Meticulous, elegant design and engineering make possible the best balance between superior audio performance and the real world need for lower processing requirements.

For developers of consumer electronic and personal communications products, we offer a suite of products and software customization services that addresses the problematic requirements of devices that must deliver outstanding audio quality on a limited processor and memory budget. Much of our decade’s worth of experience culminates in MobileSynth, a lightweight modular software-based synthesizer for ringtones and multimedia sound effects on handheld electronic devices like cell phones and personal digital assistants.

Across these markets, our core strength is the far-reaching digital signal processing expertise that allows us to maximize both processor efficiency and audio output quality for each particular application. In past years, Wave Arts has provided top consumer electronic and semiconductor companies with digital signal processing (DSP), audio, acoustics, and custom software development for general purpose, embedded, and digital signal processors. We apply this experience with a singular dedication to customer support. Whether you use our professional products as an end user or license critical audio processing software, Wave Arts is committed to quick and effective service.

Wave Arts licenses technology to companies who need high quality signal processing algorithms and ported software solutions for consumer electronic and telecommunications products. Wave Arts provides custom software development with a solid track record providing our clients with cutting edge solutions.

The Wave Arts Team

Bill Gardner

DSP guru and Wave Arts president Dr. Bill Gardner earned his Ph.D. from the MIT Media Lab, and before that spent 7 years developing software and signal processing algorithms at Kurzweil Music Systems. He has written significant publications in the area of reverberation and 3-D audio processing. Bill is a guitarist and member of the Audio Engineering Society.

Rob Martino

Software engineer Rob Martino has a degree in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a master’s degree in Music Technology from the Northwestern School of Music. Rob is also an active composer and performer with a focus on the Chapman Stick. Website