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Plug-ins updated (5.85, 1.35, 2.03)

Posted on Thursday, March 17, 2016

We have new versions of our plug-ins available. The changes principally fix some issues with our AAX format plugs. All of our plug-ins have been updated:

Power Suite – 5.85
Master Restoration Suite – 5.85
Tube Saturator 2 – 2.03
Dialog – 1.35
Tube Saturator (legacy version) – 1.35

Please download and install the latest version, there is no upgrade fee. The bugs/issues fixed in these version are listed below.

AAX format:

Master Restoration Suite: individual MRS plugs showing incorrect parameter values is fixed.
All plugs: fixed touch automation, parameters used to oscillate during touch automation.
MultiDynamics AAX DSP: fixed issue where certain bands would not show any signal level after preset load, requiring close/open.
Panorama: fixed disappearing control at elevations below zero.

All formats:

Panorama: fixed CIPIC HRTFs missing from individual installer payload, Mac only.
Fixed version numbers that appear in Get Info popups for all Mac plugs.

Plug-ins updated (5.84, 1.34, 2.02)

Posted on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We have new versions of our plug-ins available. All of our plug-ins have been updated:

Power Suite – 5.84
Master Restoration Suite – 5.84
Tube Saturator 2 – 2.02
Dialog – 1.34
Tube Saturator (legacy version) – 1.34

Please download and install the latest version, there is no upgrade fee. The bugs/issues fixed in these version are listed below.

All formats

Fixed missing mkl_wavearts.dll in Windows Dialog installer.
Fixed bug that could cause false noise learning trigger in Dialog and MR Noise.
Fixed Dialog limiter enable affecting compress section preset modified.
Increased size of MR Click event buffer to fix display with small audio buffer sizes.
Updated PN and TP section presets to fix missing section preset issues.
Tools->Use As Default now works properly, loads selected preset when GUI opens for the first time.
To cancel “Use As Default”, select Tools->Use As Default menu item holding SHIFT key.
Fixed possible crash with Windows 64-bit plugs when closing GUI due to text edit window not deleted.
Main preset bar shows first preset matching current parameters, else modified preset with “*”.
Section presets show first preset matching current parameters, else modified preset with “*”.
TS2 now reports latency to host for delay compensation.
PN Mac installer correctly installs PanoramaHRTFs directory containing CIPIC HRTFs

VST format

Windows VST 32-bit install defaults to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Vstplugins” if it already exists, else “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Vstplugins”.
Windows VST 64-bit install defaults to “C:\Program Files\Vstplugins” if it already exists, else “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins”.

AU format

Fixed possible crash when AU plug was receiving continuous automation during plug-in closing.

AAX format

Fixed AAX window creation/deletion causing AudioSuite crashes in Avid MC8.
Fixed AAX parameter knob displays not in sync with values.
Fixed Win 64 AAX text entry.
Fixed latency compensation in AAX.
Fixed missing Undo button in TBS AAX.
Changed MD AAX presets to use vintage Peak mode, old presets caused modified “*” indicator because clean mode not supported in AAX.
Changed Trackplug AAX presets to use only vintage Peak/RMS/Warm modes, old presets with clean modes caused modified “*” indicator because clean mode not supported in AAX.
Corrected swapped ranges for Dialog AAX de-plode and de-ess freqs: deplode now ranges 20-20kHz and de-ess ranges 2kHz-8kHz. This was causing “*” indicators when loading presets.
Fixed Open Manual for AAX plugs by correcting manual path.
Mac AAX plugs use new PS5 manual.
Updated PS AAX DSP installers to use new PS5 manual.

Wave Arts to exhibit at IMSTA FESTA Toronto 2015

Posted on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

IMSTA FESTA brings a collection of reputable music technology companies together in an environment where creative minds can interact with music makers face-to-face. Attendees of IMSTA FESTA include professional and semi-professional musicians, Deejays, songwriters, music producers, audio engineers, music students, and music educators; as well as anyone else interested in the art of music making. An exciting component of IMSTA FESTA is the Professional Panel Series that are stacked with well established and well-known music industry professionals. These panels cover a wide range of topics that include the current and future state of the music business, music technology, and technical demonstrations. A new layer to this exciting day is the Master classes with a selection of companies unveiling products or teaching users how to use their newest product most efficiently.

IMSTA has been successfully hosting this celebration of music technology shows since 2004. Reaching all across the globe IMSTA has built a solid reputation in Tokyo, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Toronto.


  • Keynote speech by 4-time Grammy winning engineer and producer Jimmy Douglass.
  • Get inside knowledge by attending a panel at the IMSTA FESTA Professional Panel Series that speak to aspects of the industry.
  • Be sure to attend the IMSTA Master Class Series to learn how to maximize the efficiency of your studio equipment.
  • Experience hands-on learning with the latest music production tools on the market.
  • Win raffle prizes from top audio technology companies like Wave Arts.

See IMSTA FESTA Toronto 2015 for more information.

TS-2 Released!

Posted on Friday, May 15, 2015

After intensive R&D, we finally have a worthy successor to the original Tube Saturator. Like its predecessor, TS-2 is a super accurate circuit simulation of a tube pre-amp, which can be overdriven gently for warming effects, or cranked for distortion. Same Tube-licious sound now without the CPU hit.

TS-2 features low CPU load, multiple tube models, 2x oversampling, and much more. See the product page for more information.


Existing Tube Saturator users can upgrade to TS-2 for 50% off. Please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we will reply with an upgrade discount coupon. TS-2 will install side by side with original Tube Saturator, it won’t overwrite it, so you can run them both. We will continue to host original Tube Saturator downloads and registrations indefinitely, and may release new updates if there are important bug fixes.

Pace licensing

Tube Saturator 2 requires Pace licensing, the Wave Arts key code system is not supported. Our other products continue to use dual Pace / Wave Arts licensing and we have no plans to move to using Pace exclusively. We plan to release a TS-2 update with a non-Pace option later this year.

All plug-ins updated (5.83 and 1.33)

Posted on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We have new versions of our plug-ins available. The most important changes are improved support for Pro Tools 12 and Media Composer 8. All plug-ins are updated:

Power Suite Plug-ins – 5.83
Master Restoration Suite Plug-ins – 5.83
Tube Saturator – 1.33
Dialog – 1.33

Bugs/issues fixed in these versions:

FP, MD, TP work in Pro Tools 12, fixed “not valid 64-bit AAX plug-in” issue (AAX 64-bit)
Fixed Dialog and MR Noise not learning in Avid MC8 (AAX 64-bit)
New Pace wrappers, will start trial with iLok account, now works with iLok1, iLok2, and machine
Improved AAX support, fixed memory leaks
Fixed MultiDynamics GUI issues in AAX, stepping through presets could leave inconsistent display
New Win and Mac installers with improved graphics and descriptions
Windows installers have improved logic for suggesting VST destination
Plug-in folder modify dates correspond to build date (AAX)
Fixed bug that could lead to corrupted preference files and difficulties registering (Mac)
Installers now set correct folder permissions that could lead to inability to save presets (Mac)
Removed Alert message regarding inability to create preset file (Mac)
Updated About box graphics and dates
Get Info shows correct version (Mac)
Fixed DirectX problem in DLG, MRS, TBS causing crash of Sound Forge 11 (Win DX)
Installing MRS manual with proper permissions (Mac)
Fixed Open User Manual sometimes not working (Mac)

Please visit our downloads page to get new versions. As usual this is a free update. You may simply install the new version over any existing version.