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Wave Arts’ own Rob Martino releases solo Chapman Stick album

Posted on Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rob Martino, who “by day” is a software engineer with Wave Arts, has also developed a worldwide following on the internet with his solo Chapman Stick playing. With over a million views and thousands of subscribers, he is currently the most popular Stick artist on YouTube.

After five years of focus on the Stick (composing, arranging and performing), Rob has released his debut album “One Cloud”, pulling together some of his various progressive rock, folk and classical music influences. In the process of recording and mixing it himself at home using a Mac computer and Apple Logic 9, Wave Arts plug-ins also played a prominent role.

Rob comments: “I figure anything I say about Wave Arts plug-ins would be taken with a grain of salt, since as a developer I obviously have my own biased viewpoint! But in the making of this album I wanted to achieve the best sound I was capable of, regardless of software brands.

At one point, after comparing several reverb plug-ins, I thought I was going to use a convolution reverb throughout the album. But a few weeks later I went back to MasterVerb, and got this smooth, haunting musical sound that worked perfectly. So I used it as the only reverb, as well as TrackPlug on every track. The other guitar style effects processing in a few places was done with Native Instruments’ Guitar Rig 3 and some of the built in Logic plug-ins.

There was a point where I came to grips with my own limitations in terms of record production, and so I decided to have a professional mastering engineer (Michael Romanowski) take care of the final step. He used an analog/tube/tape approach which I think nicely complimented the high resolution (96 Khz/24 bit) digital recording and mixing process.”

“One Cloud” has already been well received, including a nice review from Stick inventor Emmett Chapman.

Hear tracks from One Cloud on Rob’s website