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How do I unlock/register my plug-in(s)?

We support two licensing methods – challenge response and PACE/iLok2. When installing the plug-in(s) you select which version of the plug-in you wish to use.

Challenge Response
Prior to registration, the plug-ins operate in demonstration mode; they are fully functional but stop operating after 30 days. When you purchase a plug-in, you will be e-mailed a serial number (looks like WA-XX-XXXX-XXXX). To unlock the plug-in, go to our Product Registration page (, select “Wave Arts licensing” in the Licensing Method menu, and enter your serial number and your computer’s Machine ID (see FAQ entry below). A key code (looks like XXXX-XXXX) will be generated and e-mailed back to you. Then, open the plug-in, select Unlock Plug-In from the Tools menu (or Register from the File menu for v4 plug-ins), and enter your key code. You should see a message saying your registration was successful.

If you have purchased a Native plug-in suite, when you unlock any one of the plug-ins within the suite, the entire suite will be unlocked.

All our plug-ins support Pace/iLok2. On our Product Registration page you will use your serial number to obtain a PACE redeem code by selecting PACE/iLok from the Licensing Method menu. We support both iLok2 and PACE machine authorization. When opening the plug-in you will be offered the opportunity to Active the plug-in, you can enter the PACE redeem code then. Otherwise, go to, login to your existing ilok account, or create a new account, and navigate to the “Redeem License Code” page. Copy the redeem code from your email and paste into the field and click “Get License”. This will place an iLok license for your product into your iLok account. You must then transfer the license to an iLok dongle. The plug-in will run only if there is a valid license on an iLok connected to the machine.

When purchasing a plug-in suite, the redeem code will generate multiple licenses, one per plug-in in the suite. You should then move all the licenses to your iLok.