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Novation Universal Automaps for WaveArts

Posted: 18 April 2008 02:16 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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Originally posted by Trojka:

I couldn’t find them anywhere on the net, so I made them myself. Hope they are logical for everyone. It’s hard to explain how I did it, so it’s probably easier to simply load them up and check whether you like them. This is my first attempt so feel free to send suggestions.

First one is Finalplug, pretty straightforward: one page, buttons for the buttons, encoders for the sliders. I decided to assign the Bits and Shape buttons to encoders. Don’t know if this is convenient or not yet.

(right click and choose Save As)

Finalplug 5.40 Automap

Next one was a little more complicated, but not much. Still one page. Encoders A are the main controls (Gain, Wet/Dry and Late/Early, encoders 1 to 3) and Envelope controls (encoders 5 to 8). I also assigned the Enable button for Envelope to button 5. Buttons 1 and 2 are assigned to Early Reflection Type and Late Reverb Type.

Encoders B and C are the 8 controls for Early Reflection and Late Reverb:

Masterverb 5.40 Automap

Trackplug turned out to be very complex. I needed two pages to assign all parameters. First page contains the main (enabling) controls and eq settings. I only assigned 8 eq’s (I rarely use more) and each encoder is assigned to its own eq. By switching from Encoder B, C and D you can adjust Frequency (B), Height (C) and Width (D). Seemed logical to me, but maybe it turns out later it isn’t. Buttons B2 allow you to switch on and off frequencies.

Next page is for Gate, Comp1 and Comp2 (Encoders A, B and C). Every parameter is assigned to encoders, including Mode and Knee.

Trackplug 5.40 Automap

And since Trackplug ExtSC gets a different technical VST ID, so we also need a version of the same automap for Trackplug ExtSC (luckily it’s XML so it wasn’t a lot of work to adjust it)

Trackplug ExtSC 5.40 Automap

Not really sure about this one. It’s difficult to organize it in a logical way. Multiband also responds a bit weird to the controller movements. Especially big frequencyband movements can bring the plugin into a non workable state I also couldn’t get the Solo and Mute buttons to work.

Multiband 5.40 Automap

Hope they are somewhat useful to other people. They are still in progress, so please let me know what you think.


Rob Martino