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aes.h File Reference

Acoustic Echo Suppression. More...

#include <stdio.h>
#include "dre.h"
#include "AecLatCal.h"
#include "EQ.h"

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struct  AesParam
 Aes (acoustic echo suppression) parameters. More...
struct  Aes
 Aes (acoustic echo suppression) runtime structure. More...


AesAesNew (AesParam *param)
 Create a new AES object.
void AesDelete (Aes *p)
void AesReset (Aes *p)
 Reset to initial conditions.
void AesProc (Aes *p, float *ref, float *rec)
 Process samples.
void AesSetLatency (Aes *p, int latency)
 Set latency.
void AesGetDefaultParam (AesParam *p)
 Get default parameters.
void AesSetMatlabDump (Aes *p, int dumpData, char *path)
 Set Matlab dump file.

Detailed Description

Acoustic Echo Suppression.

Function Documentation

void AesGetDefaultParam ( AesParam p)

Get default parameters.

[in]parampointer to Aes parameters

Caller should set the sampling rate and frame size.

Aes* AesNew ( AesParam param)

Create a new AES object.

[in]paramAES parameters
void AesProc ( Aes p,
float *  ref,
float *  rec 

Process samples.

[in]ppointer to Aes object
[in]refreference signal
[in,out]recrecorded signal input, echo suppressed output
void AesSetLatency ( Aes p,
int  latency 

Set latency.

[in]ppointer to Aes object
[in]latencyestimated I/O latency in samples

The Aes algorithm will compensate for measured latency by internally delaying the reference signal.

void AesSetMatlabDump ( Aes p,
int  dumpData,
char *  path 

Set Matlab dump file.

[in]ppointer to Aes object
[in]dumpDataT/F enable matlab data dump
[in]pathpathname of dump file

Enable dumping of internal signal data for later plotting in matlab.

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