Wave Arts VQE  1.00
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AecInFifo Class Reference

AEC input buffer fifo. More...

#include <WaVQE.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AecInFifo (int numBufs, int bufLen, int numChan)
 Create input fifo.
 ~AecInFifo ()
bool WriteBuf (float *p)
 Write buffer to fifo.
bool ReadBuf (float *p)
 Read buffer from fifo.
float * GetReadBuf ()
 Return pointer to read buffer.
float * GetLastReadBuf ()
 Return pointer to last read buffer, for repeating.
int GetCount ()
 Return count of buffers in fifo.
int GetSize ()
 Return capacity of fifo in buffers.
void Reset ()
 Reset (empty) the fifo.

Protected Attributes

float * buf
 FIFO of input buffers, length = bufLenSamps * numBufs.
int bufLen
 buffer length in sample frames
int numChan
 number channels
int bufLenSamps
 individual buffer length in samps
int numBufs
 allocated capacity in buffers
int readIndex
 current read buffer index
int writeIndex
 current write buffer index
int count
 number buffers stored

Detailed Description

AEC input buffer fifo.

The AecInFifo holds an integer number of buffers. It is used for buffer synchronization, so that the buffers passed to the aec algorithm have a constant I/O delay. The AecInFifo also allows for bursts of multiple input and output device callbacks.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AecInFifo::AecInFifo ( int  numBufs,
int  bufLen,
int  numChan 

Create input fifo.

[in]numBufsnumber of buffers to allocate
[in]bufLenlength of each buffer in sample frames
[in]numChannumber of channels

Member Function Documentation

bool AecInFifo::ReadBuf ( float *  p)

Read buffer from fifo.

[out]ppointer to buffer

Copy samples from fifo to buffer. Return false if fifo empty, else true.

bool AecInFifo::WriteBuf ( float *  p)

Write buffer to fifo.

[in]ppointer to buf

Copy samples from buffer to fifo. Return false if fifo full, else true.

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