Wave Arts VQE  1.00
Voice Quality Enhancement
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ConvertTab Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

ConvertFormat shortFormat
ConvertFormat longFormat
void(* ShortPNorm )(char *p)
short(* ShortNorm )(short val)
void(* ShortBufNorm )(short *buf, size_t n)
void(* ShortPWbr )(char *p)
short(* ShortWbr )(short val)
void(* ShortBufWbr )(short *buf, size_t n)
void(* LongPNorm )(char *p)
int(* LongNorm )(int val)
void(* LongBufNorm )(int *buf, size_t n)
void(* LongPWbr )(char *p)
int(* LongWbr )(int val)
void(* LongBufWbr )(int *buf, size_t n)
void(* LongPLbr )(char *p)
int(* LongLbr )(int val)
void(* LongBufLbr )(int *buf, size_t n)

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