Wave Arts Audio Plug-ins

  • Pro-quality audio processing
  • Extremely flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Exceptional CPU efficiency
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Power Suite

  • TrackPlug: channel strip plug-in
  • MasterVerb: multi-algorithm reverb
  • FinalPlug: peak limiter and volume maximizer
  • MultiDynamics: multi-band dynamics control
  • Panorama: 3D binaural processor
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Master Restoration Suite

  • MR Noise: broadband noise reduction
  • MR Click: click and crackle filter for vinyl or digital sources
  • MR Hum: expander/gate for background attenuation
  • MR Gate: multi-band dynamics control
  • Master Restoration: all-in-one cleanup tool
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Latest News

  • Artist Spotlight _ Lee Curtiss

    As the arms race of high end plugins continues, the one plugin I’ve been able to get fellow producers to instantly go purchase is the the Wave Arts MultiDynamics. It’s the most effective and easy to use gate/expander/dynamics I’ve found yet. I throw it on drum loops with too much reverb or effects and it instantly, with very little adjustment, transforms into the sound I’m looking for.

  • Artist Spotlight - Kodomo

    Interview with electronic music artist Kodomo

  • Convology XT Real Spaces Libraries Released

    Impulse Record and Wave Arts release the Real Spaces libraries containing IRs of a large collection of acoustical spaces.