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  • Pro-quality audio processing
  • Extremely flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Exceptional CPU efficiency
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New ! Panorama 7

Panorama is a virtual acoustics processor that can produce stunningly realistic auditory scenes for playback over headphones or loudspeakers. Panorama uses 3-D audio and acoustic environment modelling technology to simulate the acoustics of sound propagation in real spaces. Panorama 7 is being offered at an introductory price of $99, normally $149.

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Master Restoration Suite

  • MR Noise: broadband noise reduction
  • MR Click: click and crackle filter for vinyl or digital sources
  • MR Hum: expander/gate for background attenuation
  • MR Gate: multi-band dynamics control
  • Master Restoration: all-in-one cleanup tool
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Latest News

  • Panorama 7 released

    Panorama 7 sports a new dark-themed user-interface, a motion sequencer, and many other new features.

  • Artist Spotlight _ Rico Casazza

    Convology XT became my main reverb of choice in music and film sound.

    A professional-sounding reverb that is always present on my return channels to give that top blanket of stereo brightness on my drums and clarity on voices.

    10 separate libraries of vintage, true stereo and spaces, very well-written interface controls, and entering your own impulse response for free it’s quite mind-blowing, did I already mention is for free?

  • Migrating multi-band compression presets to MultiDynamics

    Real life example of migrating a Steinberg MultiCompressor preset to MultiDynamics