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Rick Kelly

Rick Kelly


Rick Kelly is a Grammy nominated producer, arranger, programmer, multi-instrumentalist, and actor. Rick is the force behind Soul Ballet, a mix of electronica and smooth jazz described as a chilled out, funky blast of sonically brilliant, magnificently performed nujazz originals. In addition to Soul Ballet, Rick has produced / performed / arranged for: Michael Jackson, Madonna, Dave Stewart, Shakespeare’s Sister, Herbie Hancock, T-Bone Burnett, Cheap Trick, Earth Wind & Fire, The Emotions, Tavares, Foxy, The Call, Jaco Pastorious, Olivia Newton John, Kim Carnes, David Foster, Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer, Patrice Rushen, The Brothers Johnson, Stanley Clarke, Jody Watley, Billy Preston and many more. As an actor, Rick has performed in dozens of TV shows and movies, and will be appearing in the upcoming release of Trumbo, starring Elle Fanning and Bryan Cranston.

On Tube Saturator 2:

“Tube Saturator 2 has put great energy into my tracks. I am currently using it on various drums, instruments, aux sends underneath vocals and it is simply magic. TS2 brings everything it touches to life. It will definitely be a ‘secret weapon’ plugin on the next Soul Ballet CD as well as my film and television work.”