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Alan Miller

Alan Miller

FOH Engineer - Queensrÿche

In the world of live audio the question “what if” should be asked constantly. It is that question that led Alan Miller, an independent Live Audio engineer to Wave Arts. A twenty three year veteran of live audio whose clients have included artist such as Alan Jackson, Bruce Hornsby, Def Leppard, Prince and most currently Queensrÿche.

It was with Queensrÿche that he had started to look for an alternative to the analog equipment he had been carrying for Front of House processing. “What if I could have more powerful processing in a smaller, lighter package?” After extensive reviews of various plug-in demos, he found the Wave Arts MultiDynamics and TrackPlug to be the perfect answer.

“Wave Arts MultiDynamics and TrackPlug along with my laptop and an I/O interface have given me the results I was looking for. With this setup, I have replaced an analog dynamic EQ and a high-end compressor limiter.”

“Queensrÿche’s front man, Geoff Tate has a very dynamic four octave vocal range, sometimes producing narrow bandwidth signals that most standard full bandwidth compressors detector circuits don’t even see. With the MultiDynamics plug-in, I am able to precisely apply compression and/or limiting to a specific frequency range while maintaining the desired overall dynamic range. As to the TrackPlug, I found the EQ filter design to be one of the best I’ve heard and I was sold on that alone. Although I could use all of the usual catch phrases such as, transparent, musical, smooth, etc. I believe the best thing I could say would be…just listen.”

Rob Martino of Wave Arts visited with Alan during a recent tour date to take a look at Wave Arts plug-ins in action: