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David Hughes

David Hughes

Studio Production

Zoom Sound Website

With over twenty years experience in studio production, David strives to find new and interesting ways to compliment visual images with sound. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree with a focus on music composition and orchestration. Since 1996 David has been working steadily as a freelance sound designer at Skywalker Sound. He has worked with notable filmmakers such as David Fincher, Marc Forster, Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg, Robert Redford, Ang Lee and many others.

David founded Zoom Sound in Portland, Oregon in 2005 where he lives with his wife and two children.
David on Wave Arts products:

“MasterVerb has worked great for me as a reverb for foley props- the low processor drain allows me to keep Masterverb humming along even in a gigantic film sound mix session.

TrackPlug is an instant ‘make-it-better’ plug in that can help fix even dramatically bad production audio and the low processor hit means I don’t have to worry about dropping it onto dozens of tracks. Additionally, the user interface of TrackPlug is fast and intuitive, allowing me to bang in settings quickly by listening and moving the nodes, rather than typing values into tiny boxes.
Since I got the Wave Arts tools there’s not a single film I’ve worked on that I haven’t used TrackPlug on at some point in the creative process.

FinalPlug has bailed me out in several music sessions, giving me the gain and punch I’m looking for that you’d normally associate with finalizing software costing many times what you’ll pay for the entire Wave Arts production suite.

I recently started playing with Panorama and am finding it to be REALLY useful in creating believable spaces.”