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Dean Landon

Dean Landon


Dean Landon is a double platinum and gold award winning producer and songwriter. Currently, Dean is working with several up and coming artists, as well as writing and producing for major network movies and television shows such as Oprah, Extra, Ellen Degeneres, The Sharon Osbourne Show and Paramount Pictures to name a few.

In 2004, Landon co-wrote and produced the Roch Voisine #1 hit By Myself which remained in the Canadian top 40 chart for 4 months. Dean has a success track record working with Voisine in 1996 on his double platinum selling CD Kissing Rain co-writing such songs as With These Eyes, Love Never Dies, and Cross My Heart and Soul.

Landon has also worked with Edel America artist Anika Paris, producing all twelve tracks, and co-writing nine songs including the first single It’s About, which sold over 135,000 copies in Germany alone. The second single I’m No Ordinary Girl, was featured in the Miramax movie Bounce, starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck, and on the Gold selling Arista Soundtrack. Another song from the album, N Love N Love was featured in the sci-fi movie thriller The Calling.

Landon has also worked on several projects with producers Narada Michael Walden, Jose Quintana, and Guy Roch to name a few. He has also written music for artists on BMG, Arista Records, Universal, Warner Bros, and Sony.