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Jody Elff

Jody Elff

Sound Artist

Jody Elff is a sound artist living and working in New York City. His explorations into alternative systems for the control and manipulation of sound have led to the development of an on-going series of sonic installations and sculptures. Jody’s works have been shown at PS122, Dance Theater Workshop, The Kitchen, and with the Post Media Network at Moving Image Gallery in New York City. His international presentations include participation in “New York, New Sounds, New Spaces” show at the Museum of Contemporary Art at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon, France, and the 2003 Dublin Fringe Festival. In addition to his work in New York City, he has had the pleasure of traveling around the country and the world, with such diverse artists as Ethel, Tan Dun, Diana Krall, The New York Voices, Paul Winter, Hothouse Flowers, Lou Reed, and the Bang On A Can All Stars. Since 1999, Jody has worked with Laurie Anderson as audio engineer for her concert tours, in addition to mixing her most recent album, Laurie Anderson, Live At Town Hall, New York City, September 19-20, 2001.