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Richard Chycki

Richard Chycki


If you’ve been enjoying the recent releases of Rush and Dream Theater, a driving force behind the sound of those projects is one of the hottest engineers around today: Richard Chycki. Richard is an engineer and mixer whose clients include such rock royalty as Rush, Aerosmith, Dream Theater, Def Leppard, Mick Jagger and Skillet.

Known for his pioneering mix work in 5.1 surround, prog icons Rush entrusted Chycki to remix the multimillion selling 2112, their career pinnacle Moving Pictures, as well as A Farewell To Kings, Signals, Snakes & Arrows and Fly By Night in surround. In fact, 24 of Rush’s last 26 gold and platinum awards in North America over the past 9 years have been given to him recognizing his surround mix work on their live DVDs. While rock acts Dream Theater, Skillet, Simple Plan and Our Lady Peace have also tapped his surround mix talents, other genres have caught word, most notably for DVD releases with P. Diddy/Tyrese/Shaggy and Sean Paul.

On Wave Arts plug-ins:

“Wave Arts plugins are powerful, versatile and musical. I’ve found them particularly helpful for fix-it situations. MR Hum, MR Noise, MR Click are eminently useful in restorative applications where clean and pristine are paramount. They’ve saved me often when I’m working with older, noisy masters.”

For more information, visit http://www.richardchycki.com