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Scott Yahney

Scott Yahney


Scott Yahney is a producer, writer and keyboard player from New York. He has been playing in all kinds of bands since he was fifteen years old, and his keyboard style ranges from classic rock all the way to light jazz. “I do many sessions around NY for all different kinds of music. Lately I have been doing several dance/pop remixes. Music is my life and I enjoy producing, writing and remixing it all!”

Scott started playing at age two and grew up on Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, classic rock, disco, R&B, the big 80’s, techno and house music. “I have also been doing a pop/smooth jazz CD for Keeshea. She’s a sax player and singer from Switzerland.”

On Wave Arts plug-ins:

“I’ve been using Wave Arts as my go-to plugins for years. They are simple, easy to use & most importantly for me… they sound great !!! Power Suite is a must have for your plugin list !!!”