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All plug-ins updated (5.81 and 1.31)

Posted on Tuesday, November 18, 2014

All plug-ins updated (5.81 and 1.31):

Fixes in this build:

  • Crash entering keycode (Mac OS 10.10)
  • Windows RTAS keycode (non-iLok) version not getting properly installed if selected
  • 64-bit GUI refresh issues on Mac
  • Crash using Panorama at 88.2K sample rate
  • Occasional crash selecting a factory preset in Audio Unit version
  • Fixed EQ Nodes sometimes not showing correct gain
  • MultiDynamics dynamics display sometimes not correctly showing number of bands after deleting one or more
  • MR Noise learn not working in AudioSuite version
  • Automation updating wasn’t working for 64-bit Audio Units
  • Fixed problem with crude font rendering in plug-in header (Logic, Pro Tools)
  • Fixed AAX preference saving (RTA option, db range for EQ view, etc)
  • Fixed delay compensation errors
  • Fixed broken text entry in Pro Tools 11

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