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Plug-ins updated (5.85, 1.35, 2.03)

Posted on Thursday, March 17, 2016

We have new versions of our plug-ins available. The changes principally fix some issues with our AAX format plugs. All of our plug-ins have been updated:

Power Suite – 5.85
Master Restoration Suite – 5.85
Tube Saturator 2 – 2.03
Dialog – 1.35
Tube Saturator (legacy version) – 1.35

Please download and install the latest version, there is no upgrade fee. The bugs/issues fixed in these version are listed below.

AAX format:

Master Restoration Suite: individual MRS plugs showing incorrect parameter values is fixed.
All plugs: fixed touch automation, parameters used to oscillate during touch automation.
MultiDynamics AAX DSP: fixed issue where certain bands would not show any signal level after preset load, requiring close/open.
Panorama: fixed disappearing control at elevations below zero.

All formats:

Panorama: fixed CIPIC HRTFs missing from individual installer payload, Mac only.
Fixed version numbers that appear in Get Info popups for all Mac plugs.