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Version History

  1. ConvologyXT v1.25, 5/10/2022

    - Factory Library includes 7 Real Spaces IRs

    - Factory Library images resized to reduce installer size

    - Entering Complete serial in initial timeout popup properly registers all child libraries

    - When using cloned drives, only one copy of each library will appear in preset browser

    - File browser searches for matching images in current directory, and subdirectories “images”, “00 DEFAULT IMAGES”, “00 DEFAULT PICTURES”, and if not found repeats search up two parent directories

    - Image pane loads image in background thread, enabling faster scrolling in preset browser

    - About box uses reduced font sizes if too many libraries to fit

    - About box lists libraries in sorted order

    - License expired popups show after GUI has drawn

    - Plug-in will license with any Real Spaces library serial

  2. ConvologyXT v1.24, 1/26/2022

    - Added Mono Input control to pan input to center prior to reverb processing

    - Supports user provided images

    - Added preset import and preset export commands

    - Supports preset rename

    - Supports custom library install directory via preference setting

    - Fixed some preset bugs

    - Auto reloads preset after licensing library

    - Mouse-over on browser directory shows tooltip with full pathname

    - Improved demo timeout message

    - Shows error message if error writing license file

  3. ConvologyXT v1.23, 7/23/2021

    - Fix issue with preset changing when UI is opened

    - New installs have preference “change preset on category change” set to off

    - Fix issue with user presets not saved when using multiple instances

    - Libraries are sorted alphabetically

  4. TubeSaturator2 v2.13, 7/20/2021

    - Adding user interface scaling feature

    - Apple M1 support: AU and VST3 formats have ARM/x86 universal binaries

    - Dropping 32-bit and VST2 on Mac

    - MacOS installer notarized

    - Dark theme in menus and dialogs

    - Update from Juce 4 to Juce 6

    - Value popups now shown on mouse hover over knob (previously shown only when changing value)

    - Cleaned up generic parameter interfaces

  5. TrackPlug 6 v6.12, 6/22/2021

    - Fix EQ Bypass control

  6. Power Suite 6, v6.11, Master Restoration Suite 6, v6.03, Dialog 2, v2.05, 5/26/2021

    - Fix crash in Adobe Premiere Pro when exporting, VST3 format

    - Cleanup generic UIs, remove double unit display

  7. ConvologyXT v1.22, May 14, 2021

    - True Stereo status item and popup menu

    - Recognizes True Stereo licenses

    - Factory library includes True Stereo samples

    - Default True Stereo format is LL, LR, RL, RR

  8. Dialog 2 v2.04, 4/22/2021

    - Apple M1 support: AU and VST3 formats have ARM/x86 universal binaries

    - GUI scaling now scales dialog windows too

    - AAX format now supports GUI scaling

    - Restored VST2 support on Windows

    - same minor updates as in PS6 6.10

  9. Master Restoration Suite 6, v6.02, 4/22/2021

    - Apple M1 support: AU and VST3 formats have ARM/x86 universal binaries

    - GUI scaling now scales dialog windows too

    - AAX format now supports GUI scaling

    - same minor updates as in PS6 6.10

  10. Power Suite 6, v6.10, 4/22/2021

    - Apple M1 support: AU and VST3 formats have ARM/x86 universal binaries

    - GUI scaling now scales dialog windows too

    - AAX format now supports GUI scaling

    - Update from Juce 5.4.5 to Juce 6.0.5

    - MD6: fix band enable max value (showed duplicate in generic GUIs)

    - MD6: thumbwheel controls now respond to fine tune modifiers (SHIFT, Command, or right-click)

    - MV6: preference to lock wet/dry and output gain control, so you can set 100% wet on master bus and preset changes don’t reset it.

    - All PS6 plug installers set permissions on WA directories to resolve registration issues

    - Added thread locks to allow effect recreation while GUI open

    - AAX AudioSuite effects now come up un-bypassed

    - Add alternate short names for AAX format

    - Improved logic when plugs first opened, no longer show “Default*” as first preset

    - Storing dSYM files from Mac builds and PDBs from Win builds for crash forensic analysis

    - Added LogFlushLevel property for debugging

  11. CVXT v1.21 Mac, 4/22/2021

    - Apple M1 support: AU and VST3 formats have ARM/x86 universal binaries

    - User preset browser font uses italic typeface instead of style flags, fixes user preset display problems

    - Add alternate short names for AAX format

  12. CVXT v1.21 Win, 3/16/2021

    - Adds user interface scaling feature

    - Fix major problems with hosts when using non-English localization settings

    - Fix preset load issues when opening UI due to erroneous category change

    - Updated framework from Juce5 to Juce6

    - Proper normalization for True Stereo files

    - Fix possible crash when stretching mono IRs

    - User presets saved in one instance now show up properly in another instance

  13. Dialog 2 v2.03, 12/15/2020

    - Add UI scaling option for AU and VST3 formats

    - New preferences dialog

  14. Master Restoration Suite 6, v6.01, 12/15/2020

    - Add UI scaling option for AU and VST3 formats

    - New preferences dialog

  15. Power Suite 6, v6.09, 12/15/2020

    - Add UI scaling option for AU and VST3 formats

    - New preferences dialog


    - Add prefs option for individual EQ band coloring, ala Dialog

  16. TrackPlug 6.08, 10/23/2020

    - Fix dynamics mode popups, enable vintage modes for compressors

    - Support numeric keypad entry on Mac

  17. Master Restoration Suite 6, v6.00, 9/25/2020

    - MacOS Catalina supported. Plug-ins work on latest Mac DAWs such as Logic 10.5, Cubase 10, WaveLab 10, Premiere 2020, and Audition 2020.

    - MacOS installers are properly notarized.

    - Adding VST3 support. MRS 6 supports VST3, AU, and AAX (native) formats.

    - Dropping support for VST2, DX, MAS, RTAS, and 32-bit builds on MacOS. 32-bit VST3 is supported on Windows. Only 64-bit formats are supported on MacOS.

    - AAX formats support Wave Arts licensing. Pace/iLok no longer required for AAX; choose Pace/iLok or Wave Arts licensing for all formats.

    - Improved Wave Arts licensing, enter serial number directly into plug-in.

    - User preset manager to rename, delete, and organize presets.

    - New dark theme in menus and dialogs.

  18. CVXT v1.20, 9/14/2020

    - Fix registration bug where “registration successful” but library still not licensed

    - Added preferences option to disable mono layouts

    - Manual installed properly on Mac

    - Properly support IR filenames with non-ASCII characters on Windows

    - IR filenames with non-ASCII characters display properly in status bar

    - Updated framework from Juce4 to Juce5, should fix A/B compare crash in Cubase/VST3

    - Fix crash when stretch factor very close to 1.0

    - Mac installer is notarized, all binaries signed

    - Improvements to Win thread priority logic, should fix clicks on Win using ASIO with 128-sample buffers

    - Dark theme for dialogs

    - MacOS: drop support for 32-bit builds, requires 10.11 or greater

  19. Power Suite 6, v6.07, 8/25/2020

    All plugs:

    - Clicks on background end text editing, like ESC and Enter

    - Improved internal bypass/enable logic


    - Fix issue where Plate algorithm can be muted after browsing through presets

    - Tighten font kerning to match other plugs

    - Fix time display w.r.t. early/late parameter

  20. Dialog 2, v2.02, 8/13/2020

    - Fix issues with denoise learn logic

    - Fix crash detected by pluginval when parameters changing during effect re-creation

    - Redraw denoise display when changing disp mode

  21. Dialog 2, v2.01, 8/4/2020

    - Initial Dialog 2 release

  22. Power Suite 6, v6.06, 7/14/2020

    - Mac installers install PS6 manual in individual plug-in directories

    - Mac PN6 installer installs CIPIC HRTFs

    - Mac and Win plug-ins find PS6 manual in individual plug-in directories

    - Mac and Win plug-ins should all open User Manual correctly

  23. Power Suite 6, v6.05, 7/6/2020

    - MD6 properly implements bypass delay to match latency.

    - MD6 has proper gesture tracking for threshold GUI control.

    - MD6 Mac installer writes proper Wave Arts folder permissions.

    - FP6 and TP6 sliders implement fine-tune mode when right-clicking or SHIFT-clicking.

    - TP6 has improved logic for setting initial EQ band, previously would crash if plug-in state saved with no EQ bands enabled.

    - TP6 implements alt-mouse drags to affect EQ bandwidth

    - PN6 properly loads user presets for Direct, Reflections, and Reverb sections.

    - MV6 implements denormalized number prevention logic.

    - Fixed license manager bug: license file properly truncated when adding multiple licenses.

    - Added VST logo and trademark to manual.

  24. Power Suite 6, v6.04, 4/21/2020

    - MD5 reports proper latency when bypassed

    - License manager creates new license file if license file corrupted

    - PS6 manual update

    - FP6 input and output right channel meters off by one pixel

    - Implement PS5 and PS4 preset import converters, all plugs

    - Add User Preset Manager to section preset menus

    - PS6 Installers copy PS6 manual to individual plug directories, like individual plugs, Mac and Win

    - PS6 installers install Panorama HRTFs, Mac and Win

    - Win uninstallers leave license files

  25. Power Suite 6, v6.03, 4/7/2020

    - Fix bug in registration, all plugs.

    - Fix bug in EQ logic on Mac when using small block sizes (32, 64, or 128 samples), TrackPlug and MasterVerb.

    - Fix bug in TrackPlug external sidechain when switching dynamics types.

    - TrackPlug, FinalPlug, and MultiDynamics now apply delay when bypassed to match reported latency.

    - Bypass parameter linked with host, all plugs.

    - PowerSuite installers now install manual properly.

  26. Power Suite 6, 3/25/2020

    - MacOS Catalina and Mojave supported. Plug-ins work on latest Mac DAWs such as Cubase 10, WaveLab 10, Premiere 2020, and Audition 2020.

    - MacOS installers are properly notarized.

    - Adding VST3 support. Power Suite 6 supports VST3, AU, and AAX (native) formats.

    - Dropping support for VST2, DX, MAS, RTAS, AAX DSP, and 32-bit builds on Mac OS-X. 32-bit VST3 is supported on Windows. Only 64-bit formats are supported on MacOS.

    - AAX formats support Wave Arts licensing. Pace/iLok no longer required for AAX; choose Pace/iLok or Wave Arts licensing for all formats.

    - AAX formats no longer have confusing reduced feature configurations needed for AAX DSP.

    - Improved Wave Arts licensing, enter serial number directly into plug-in. This works the same as other recent Wave Arts plug-ins, such as Tube Saturator 2 and Convology XT.

    - User preset manager to rename, delete, and organize presets.

    - TrackPlug implements external sidechain input for all formats. There is no more TrackPlug ExtSC variation.

    - New dark theme in menus and dialogs.

    - Version numbers on Mac are properly reported in Get Info (plist files set correctly).

  27. CVXT v1.18, 7/30/2019

    - fix bug in file browser go up button not displaying

    - fix true stereo param init bug

    - process small block partitions in main DSP thread

    - added lots of internal timing and logging to debug performance

    - fix crash in license manager when receiving empty response

    - automatically add XL bundles to libraries

    - update signing certificate, use SHA256

    - implement various threading options

    - deployment target MacOS 10.8

    - fix channel bug when processing mono but with stereo or quad IR file

  28. CVXT v1.16, 5/15/2019

    - Fix “Vintage German DSPs” name error also found in the factory library manifest

    - License manager now displays name of library product being registered, instead of “Convology XT”

  29. CVXT v1.15, 5/13/2019

    - Trim whitespace from serial in license manager dialog

    - Fix Vintage German DSP license name issue

    - Flush denorms in background DSP processing threads – possible fix for CPU issue

  30. CVXT 1.14, 5/10/2019

    - Reduce demo time to 7 days

    - Flush denorms in processing thread – possible fix for CPU issue

  31. PS5 and MRS 5.90, DLG 1.39, CVXT 1.12, 4/24/2019

    - Mac versions only

    - Fix “installation error” messages due to incorrectly finding user’s preferences directory based on getlogin()

    - Initial debut of CVXT 1.12 on site

  32. PS5 and MRS 5.89, DLG 1.38, 3/7/2019

    - Mac versions only

    - Fixes compatibility issues with Mac OS-X 10.14 Mojave. These resulted in “installation error” messages when running the plug for the first time.

  33. PS5 and MRS 5.87, DLG 1.36, 12/4/2017

    - Windows versions only

    - Fixes problem where GUI files are not found unless running as admin user

    - MD reports latency of 0 when bypassed

  34. Tube Saturator Vintage 1.05

    Supports universal license

  35. PS5 and MRS 5.87, DLG 1.36, TS2 2.12, TSV 1.04

    -Mac versions only

    -Mac plugs and installers have updated Apple certificates

    -TP5 and MD5 report latency of 0 when bypassed

  36. Tube Saturator Vintage v1.00

    Initial release

  37. Tube Saturator 2 v2.11

    - AAX format no longer requires Pace/iLok licensing. The installers give user the option of using either WA or Pace licensing for AU/VST2/VST3 and AAX formats.

    - Fixed a bug in UI code that could cause knobs to display incorrectly, or could cause crash, when multiple instances were in use.

    - Low level parameter code rewritten. Should fix clicks that were possible when enabling/disabling sections.

    - When demo mode has expired, the preset display will show “demo expired” and the bypass button will be lit. A helpful tooltip message will indicate that registration is required.

  38. Tube Saturator 2.10

    The principal new features are support for non-Pace/iLok licensing and support for VST3 format.

    - Provides Wave Arts (non-Pace/iLok) licensing option using convenient online activation, just enter your serial and unlock key is automatically installed. You can register on up to three different computers and if you need more please ask. Offline activation is also supported. Pace/iLok licensing is used for AAX format and is optionally available for VST/AU formats, as before.

    - Now supports VST3 format. Supports VST2, VST3, AAX, and AU (Mac only) formats, 32 and 64-bit.

    - Complete code rewrite from ground up using a new application framework.

    - New user preset manager facilitates naming and organization of user presets.

    - New preferences manager allows setting of knob drag style and optional knob value popops.

    - New installers for Mac and Windows with simplified options.

    - DC-offset of saturation section is now filtered.

  39. Panorama 5.86

    Panorama 5.86 adds support for additional sampling rates and fixes a bug when using an unsupported rate with AAX format.

    The Human and KEMAR HRTFs now support sampling rates of 8, 11.025, 16, and 176.4 kHz.The crosstalk canceller now supports sampling rates of 8, 11.025, 16, 176.4, and 192 kHz. Hence, the following sampling rates are fully supported by the built-in Human and KEMAR HRTFs and crosstalk canceller:

    8, 11.025, 16, 22.05, 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, and 192 kHz

    PN 5.85 AAX would crash if the HRTF rate was unsupported. It now selects the closest supported sampling rate, which is the non-AAX behavior.

  40. PS and MRS v5.85, TS2 2.03, DLG and TBS 1.35

    Power Suite and Master Restoration Suite 5.85
    Tube Saturator 2.03
    Dialog 1.35
    TubeSaturator 1.35 (legacy version)

    AAX format:

    Master Restoration Suite: individual MRS plugs showing incorrect parameter values is fixed.
    All plugs: fixed touch automation, parameters used to oscillate during touch automation.
    MultiDynamics AAX DSP: fixed issue where certain bands would not show any signal level after preset load, requiring close/open.
    Panorama: fixed disappearing control at elevations below zero.

    All formats:

    Panorama: fixed CIPIC HRTFs missing from individual installer payload, Mac only.
    Fixed version numbers that appear in Get Info popups for all Mac plugs.

  41. PS and MRS 5.84, TS2 2.02, DLG and TBS 1.34

    Power Suite and Master Restoration Suite 5.84
    Tube Saturator 2.02
    Dialog 1.34
    TubeSaturator 1.34 (legacy version)

    All formats

    Fixed missing mkl_wavearts.dll in Windows Dialog installer.
    Fixed bug that could cause false noise learning trigger in Dialog and MR Noise.
    Fixed Dialog limiter enable affecting compress section preset modified.
    Increased size of MR Click event buffer to fix display with small audio buffer sizes.
    Updated PN and TP section presets to fix missing section preset issues.
    Tools->Use As Default now works properly, loads selected preset when GUI opens for the first time.
    To cancel “Use As Default”, select Tools->Use As Default menu item holding SHIFT key.
    Fixed possible crash with Windows 64-bit plugs when closing GUI due to text edit window not deleted.
    Main preset bar shows first preset matching current parameters, else modified preset with “*”.
    Section presets show first preset matching current parameters, else modified preset with “*”.
    TS2 now reports latency to host for delay compensation.
    PN Mac installer correctly installs PanoramaHRTFs directory containing CIPIC HRTFs


    Windows VST 32-bit install defaults to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Vstplugins” if it already exists, else “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Vstplugins”.
    Windows VST 64-bit install defaults to “C:\Program Files\Vstplugins” if it already exists, else “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins”.


    Fixed possible crash when AU plug was receiving continuous automation during plug-in closing.

    AAX format

    Fixed AAX window creation/deletion causing AudioSuite crashes in Avid MC8.
    Fixed AAX parameter knob displays not in sync with values.
    Fixed Win 64 AAX text entry.
    Fixed latency compensation in AAX.
    Fixed missing Undo button in TBS AAX.
    Changed MD AAX presets to use vintage Peak mode, old presets caused modified “*” indicator because clean mode not supported in AAX.
    Changed Trackplug AAX presets to use only vintage Peak/RMS/Warm modes, old presets with clean modes caused modified “*” indicator because clean mode not supported in AAX.
    Corrected swapped ranges for Dialog AAX de-plode and de-ess freqs: deplode now ranges 20-20kHz and de-ess ranges 2kHz-8kHz. This was causing “*” indicators when loading presets.
    Fixed Open Manual for AAX plugs by correcting manual path.
    Mac AAX plugs use new PS5 manual.
    Updated PS AAX DSP installers to use new PS5 manual.

  42. All plug-ins version 5.83 and 1.33

    Power Suite, Master Restoration Suite 5.83
    Dialog, Tube Saturator 1.33

    • FP, MD, TP work in Pro Tools 12, fixed “not valid 64-bit AAX plug-in” issue (AAX 64-bit)
    • Fixed Dialog and MR Noise not learning in Avid MC8 (AAX 64-bit)
    • New Pace wrappers, will start trial with iLok account, now works with iLok1, iLok2, and machine
    • Improved AAX support, fixed memory leaks
    • Fixed MultiDynamics GUI issues in AAX, stepping through presets could leave inconsistent display
    • New Win and Mac installers with improved graphics and descriptions
    • Windows installers have improved logic for suggesting VST destination
    • Plug-in folder modify dates correspond to build date (AAX)
    • Fixed bug that could lead to corrupted preference files and difficulties registering (Mac)
    • Installers now set correct folder permissions that could lead to inability to save presets (Mac)
    • Removed Alert message regarding inability to create preset file (Mac)
    • Updated About box graphics and dates
    • Get Info shows correct version (Mac)
    • Fixed DirectX problem in DLG, MRS, TBS causing crash of Sound Forge 11 (Win DX)
    • Installing MRS manual with proper permissions (Mac)
    • Fixed Open User Manual sometimes not working (Mac)
  43. All Plug-ins version 5.81 and 1.31

    Power Suite, Master Restoration Suite 5.81
    Dialog, Tube Saturator 1.31

    • Crash entering keycode (Mac OS 10.10)
    • Windows RTAS keycode (non-iLok) version not getting properly installed if selected
    • 64-bit GUI refresh issues on Mac
    • Crash using Panorama at 88.2K sample rate
    • Occasional crash selecting a factory preset in Audio Unit version
    • Fixed EQ Nodes sometimes not showing correct gain
    • MultiDynamics dynamics display sometimes not correctly showing number of bands after deleting one or more
    • MR Noise learn not working in AudioSuite version
    • Automation updating wasn’t working for 64-bit Audio Units
    • Fixed problem with crude font rendering in plug-in header (Logic, Pro Tools)
    • Fixed AAX preference saving (RTA option, db range for EQ view, etc)
    • Fixed delay compensation errors
    • Fixed broken text entry in Pro Tools 11
  44. All Plug-ins version 5.80 and 1.30
    • Unified our product line (combining AAX and all other formats) into one installer and serial number (no longer separate on our Store page)
    • Windows 32 and 64-bit versions also combined into one installer
    • All plug-in formats now offer PACE licensing as an option
    • Fixed GUI refresh issues for Mac VST plug-ins in some hosts
  45. Panorama AAX 5.76 update
    • Fixed broken reverb enable and slope parameters
  46. Panorama 5.75 Update
    • Fixed crashes that could occur when using Panorama at 88.2K sampling rate.
  47. AAX Update 5.76/1.26
    • Fixed crash bug in TrackPlug and Dialog AAX when using filter shape dropdown menu
  48. AAX Update 5.75/1.25

    Power Suite/Master Restoration Suite 5.75
    Tube Saturator/Dialog 1.25

    - 64-bit Pro Tools 11 compatibility – improved recall of RTAS settings when loading older Pro Tools projects – improved latency reporting – fixed TrackPlug external sidechain

  49. All Plug-ins 5.70/1.20 update

    Native plug-in formats (VST/AU/RTAS/DX/MAS)

    Power Suite/Master Restoration Suite 5.70
    Dialog/Tube Saturator 1.20

    • MAS versions are now 64-bit compatible (will work in Digital Performer 8 ONLY)
    • restored missing HRTF options in Panorama
    • fixed RTAS pops when starting transport (Tube Saturator)
    • fixed TrackPlug black GUI/crashes in certain circumstances
    • fixed TrackPlug AU audio problem in Digital Performer
    • potential crash using Panorama at 88.2K sample rate
    • fixed minor Dialog rendering glitches
    • moved some Cocoa GUI code to common framework to clean up warning messages in Console (Mac)
    • Master Restoration Windows installer fixes
  50. AAX 5.70/1.20 Release

    Power Suite/Master Restoration Suite 5.70
    Dialog/Tube Saturator 1.20

    Initial Release

  51. Windows 5.60/1.10 update

    Power Suite/Master Restoration Suite 5.60
    Dialog/Tube Saturator 1.10

    • Fixed bug with 64-bit plug-ins that could result in a crash or hang when working on large projects.
    • Fixed missing gate meters in Master Restoration and MR Gate.
    • Fixed window offset problem in Avid Media Composer
  52. Mac 5.60/1.10 update

    Power Suite/Master Restoration Suite 5.60
    Dialog/Tube Saturator 1.10

    • Mac Audio Unit and VST versions are 64-bit native
    • Fixed AudioSuite crash bug in Pro Tools 10
  53. Mac 5.54/1.02 update

    Power Suite/Master Restoration Suite 5.54
    Dialog/Tube Saturator 1.02

    • Fixed occasional noise bursts in any plug-in using vintage compressor (TrackPlug, MultiDynamics plug-ins)
    • fixed getEffectName() in VST versions (Wave Editor crash)
    • Fixed Panorama crash related to non-English versions of Mac OS X
    • Fixed occasional crash when trying to use Panorama on non English language operating system.
    • Fixed AudioSuite window offset problem in Avid Media Composer
    • Fixed occasional crash when trying to click on About menu in Soundtrack Pro
  54. Windows 5.53/1.02 installer update

    Power Suite/Master Restoration Suite 5.53
    Dialog/Tube Saturator 1.02

    • additional improvements to Windows installer to deal with possible installation errors on Windows 7
  55. Windows 5.52/1.01 installer update

    Power Suite/Master Restoration Suite 5.52
    Dialog/Tube Saturator 1.01

    • Windows installers have been rewritten to better deal with permissions issues in Windows 7 and Vista
    • This has been introduced in these versions:
    • Power Suite 5.52 (Win)
    • Master Restoration Suite 5.52 (Win)
    • Tube Saturator 1.01 (Win)
  56. Power Suite/Master Restoration 5.51 update
    • fixed stereo image bug with MR Noise in Auto mode
    • fixed crashes related to opening About box in RTAS versions
    • TrackPlug remembers tab (dynamics module) state
    • Panorama: fixed knob update problem with width and front knobs
    • fixed AU issue with parameters not getting restored properly in some hosts like Soundtrack Pro
    • fixed MultiDynamics dynamics meter not showing up in Windows
    • clicking on TrackPlug peak will now reset meter properly
    • fixed some minor TrackPlug and MasterVerb memory leaks
  57. All Plug-ins 5.49 update
    • (Mac) Snow Leopard compatible (fixed graphics glitch)
    • fixed problem with TrackPlug menus sometimes not working
    • fixed TrackPlug Height knob not reverting to default value properly on certain bands
    • fixed Mac installer issue (running it the first time would result in Resource Not Found error)
    • fixed occasional graphics glitch in MultiDyanamics in which hi/lo arrows appear above frequency display
    • fixed pops in MAS versions when using pre-render mode or bouncing
    • fixed RTAS/AudioSuite window bugs (wrong offset, controls behaving strangely if RTAS/AS window open at same time)
    • fixed issue with vintage RMS compression causing constant attenuation for thresholds below -48 dB
    • added peak input/attenuation level displays in TrackPlug
  58. All Plug-ins 5.47 update
    • new Windows installers
    • fixed AU crashes with certain mono/stereo/aux configurations
    • MasterVerb envelope meter fixed
    • MR Gate meter display fixed
    • TrackPlug dynamics meter fixed (Windows)
    • displayed TrackPlug attenuation range corrected
    • presets located in user area on Windows to avoid permissions problems for user accounts
    • text entry fixed for MAS versions
    • Pro Tools (Audio Suite) delay compensation fixed
  59. Master Restoration 5.46 update
    • Pro Tools AudioSuite buffering fix
  60. Master Restoration 5.45 update
    • Noise reduction algorithm speed greatly improved on Intel based computers (Mac and PC: 2.5 times better performance)
    • Gate presets recall correctly
    • AudioSuite compensates for latency
    • Latency compensation fixed for all versions
    • Plug-ins can be used in Windows user account mode (after installed with admin mode)
    • MR Noise learns noise correctly in Digital Performer
    • Mono versions of plug-ins for AudioSuite
  61. Power Suite 5.40 update
    • Build date Feb 11 2008 – fixed 5.40 Audio Unit initial release issues (crashes, parameter recall of older projects on PowerPC), plug-ins sometimes not showing up on Windows computers.
    • Added TrackPlug VST external sidechain support
    • Fixed external sidechain bugs (sometimes connection could not be made or would be lost)
    • Panorama’s extra HRTF files now show up in menu (Windows)
    • Fixed AudioSuite rendering bug – mono files not being processed (Pro Tools)
  62. version 5.35 update
    • Master Restoration Suite initial release
    • Fixed problem with Windows RTAS versions not showing up
    • Added “Use As Default” to Preset menuso user can customize the default preset that comes up for each plug-in
    • Fixed MasterVerb time disaply to properly match Decay Time
    • Fixed TrackPlug octave display (wasn’t refreshing properly when switching filter types)
  63. version 5.30 update
    • fixed problem automating VST parameters that involve latency change (playback issues)
    • implemented a new thread synchronization mechanism so that performance issues (graphics updating, slow responsiveness in particular circumstances) are avoided
    • MultiDynamics latency now properly reported
    • TrackPlug EQ display correctly reflects bypass state
    • fixed crash problem with Wave Editor (Mac)
    • FinalPlug adds denormalization protection
    • Fixed permissions problems on both Mac and Windows where accounts in user mode had problems accessing the user preset files or graphics resources
  64. version 4.20 update
    • VST and AU are Universal Binary (Mac)
  65. version 5.22 update
    • Fixed Cubase 4 display problem on Intel Macs (Mac Universal Binary)
    • Fixed registration problems with Intel Mac versions (very important Intel Mac users read installation instructions!)
  66. version 5.21 update
    • Universal Binary versions of Mac VST and MAS plug-ins (all Mac plug-ins now UB)
    • TrackPlug denormalization improvements to prevent CPU overload
    • Fixed crash bug changing presets in MasterVerb under high CPU load
    • Fixed sidechain related crashes in Live (Mac)
    • Fixed AudioSuite/RTAS Panorama crashing on Mac
    • Improved TrackPlug RTA performance (will not run when plug-in window is closed)
    • Fixed Panorama mono->stereo error for RTAS Windows
    • Fixed Panorama direct preset menu (one preset was named incorrectly)
    • Fixed registration infinite loop on Intel Macs
    • FinalPlug dither names now display properly
    • Improved loading time of GUI (DX versions)
  67. version 5.20 update
    • Added external sidechain, real time analysis and adjustable dB views to TrackPlug
    • Added 6 dB crossover slope to MultiDynamics
    • Fixed Panorama HRTF loading bug on Intel Macs
    • Panorama now properly supports 192K sampling rate
    • Fixed occasional resource loading errors (TrackPlug Mac)
    • Plug-in settings will recall correctly when loading project created on PPC Mac with Intel Mac and vice-versa (Audio Units)
    • Improved compatibility with OS X 10.3.9 (Mac versions)
    • Improved stability of Machine ID on PC versions to prevent having to re-register plug-ins
  68. version 5.10 update
    • AU and RTAS versions are Universal Binaries
    • A/B buffers displayed properly when opening and closing GUI
    • Save section preset name saved properly when long name
    • AudioSuite window offset problem fixed (XP RTAS)
    • Bypassing band in TrackPlug EQ updates EQ curve
    • Plug-in exits more gracefully if it cannot find a graphics resource
  69. version 5.08 update
    • Panorama 5 initial release
    • Build date Feb 2 update: Fixed Panorama bug (not finding CIPIC HRTFs and minor graphics glitches)
    • RTAS versions now report sample latency to Pro Tools
    • Fixed ESC key so that it properly aborts keyboard entry in a text field
    • RTAS plug-ins do not swallow TAB keystrokes (now passed to Pro Tools)
    • Importing presets works properly in MasterVerb (Mac)
    • Fixed AudioSuite crashes when using mono->stereo configuration
    • Added cancel button to Save As… box on Mac
    • Fixed crash when cycling backwards in push button/menu controls
  70. version 5.07 release
    • MasterVerb 5 initial release
    • Build date Nov 20 update: Fixed early reflection display not getting updated with preset change (AU)
  71. version 5.04 update
    • Delay Compensation support improved (AU/VST/MAS)
    • FinalPlug attenuation meter now shows correct peak attenuation value
    • RTAS Windows window updating problem fixed
    • popup menus not allowing selection of first item fixed
    • TrackPlug 192K support added
    • Pro Tools hang while pressing a key during parameter changing fixed (RTAS)
    • Brickwall filter icon disappearing if no EQ bands fixed
  72. version 5.05 update
    • TrackPlug 5 initial release
    • Fixed RTAS alt-mouse click functions
    • Preset importing from v4 functional
    • Added Save/Save As preset functionality
    • Fixed some graphical update issues
    • MAS text entry working
    • FinalPlug recognizes Power Trio registration
  73. version 5.03 update
    • MultiDynamics 5 initial release
    • FinalPlug 5 initial release
    • Build Date Sep 15 2005 update: fixed AU crash when opening/closing GUI in Logic

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