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MlsTool Free application to measure impulse responses

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MlsTool is an application used to measure impulse responses. You can use MlsTool to measure the room reverberation of acoustical spaces, or to measure digital effects units, speaker cabinets, spring or plate reverbs, etc. The impulse responses from MlsTool can be loaded into our ConvologyXT plug-in to reproduce the measured system.

MlsTools is distributed as a zip archive containing the application and a PDF manual. There is no purchase or registration required.

After unzipping the files, run the application and select Audio Settings to select the playback and recording devices. It’s recommended to use an external USB audio interface, and you should use the same audio device for both playback and recording, so that the sampling clocks for D/A and A/D conversion are perfectly synchronized. See the manual for more information.

After selecting the audio devices, choose an MLS length and click Start to begin the measurement. The app will play a few seconds of white noise, and will then write the measured impulse response to the file “impulse.wav”. At this point one generally repeats the measurement a few times while tweaking the output and input levels to get a good record level. When the levels are correct you can examine your impulse response in a sound editor, or load directly into Convology XT.


Other operating systems

  • Maximum-length sequence (MLS) measurement application
  • MacOS or Windows
  • 24-bit WAV, 16-bit WAV or ACSII text output files
  • Measures mono to mono responses, mono to stereo, and stereo to stereo (4-channel true stereo)
  • Auto-crop
  • IR lengths from 255 samples to 1M samples
  • Supports any sampling rate provided by audio interface

MacOS 10.8 and up

MlsTool is a 64-bit MacOS application

Windows 7/8/10

MlsTool is a 32-bit Windows application

It’s also recommended to use an external USB audio device for both playback and recording.