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How do you setup a custom install directory for libraries?

The library installer always installs to a standard location, and although you can specify an external drive, it will still install the libraries to the same standard path on the external drive. The plug-in scans the standard install location on all drives. Users who automatically clone drives as a backup method would see duplicate libraries listed in the plug-in, when using ConvologyXT versions prior to v1.25 which fixes this issue. Using a custom install location was a way to avoid this issue and may be useful if for some reason you want to store libraries in a specific location.

The basic idea is to set up the custom folder location in the preferences setting, and then move the library folders to the custom folder. The only tricky bit is copying the correct folders. On the system drive there are similarly named folders one level up that hold licensing info for the libraries and you don’t want to move those.

1) Create the target directory where you want the libraries to live.
2) Set this as the custom install directory in the preferences.
3) Move the libraries to this directory. Only move the directories that are found in the “Convology XT Libraries” directory.
4) If you have copies of the libraries on cloned external drives in the “Convology XT Libraries” directory, remove those to prevent them from being scanned.
5) Close and re-open the plug, it should find the libraries in the custom directory.