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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Convology XT say not registered after registering successfully?

On MacOS, some users report an issue where ConvologyXT will register successfully, but then report that it remains unregistered. The problem seems to happen after updating MacOS or after migrating from one MacOS system to another. We’re unable to reproduce this problem, but we believe the issue is due to permissions changing in the folders where ConvologyXT stores the license file, preventing ConvologyXT from writing the license. There are two possible fixes.

1. Delete the folder “/Library/Application Support/Impulse Record”, then reinstall the plug-in and libraries, and register the plug-in and libraries.

2. If you are comfortable using Terminal commands, open the Terminal and enter the following commands:

sudo chmod 777 /Library/Application\ Support/Impulse\ Record
sudo chmod 777 /Library/Application\ Support/Impulse\ Record/Convology\ XT

The sudo commands will prompt you for your password. After running these commands, try registering again with your CVXT serial.

If you are registering using a library serial, you’ll need to set the permissions on the following folder:

sudo chmod 777 /Library/Application\ Support/Impulse\ Record/LIBRARY

where LIBRARY is the name of the library being registered.