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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is demo timed out after successfully registering?

There is a bug in early versions of the ConvologyXT plug-in prior to 1.20 where you can register successfully but the plug or library remains in “demo timed out” mode. This is because the new license is not correctly added to an existing license file. You can see what version of ConvologyXT you are running by selecting the About option found by clicking the gear icon.

To fix, download and install the latest version of ConvologyXT, and then register again. It should register as expected. You can find the latest version here.

You can also work around this problem by deleting the existing license file and then registering again. The license file is found at:

/Library/Application Support/Impulse Record/PLUG/PLUG License.xml

C:\ProgramData\Impulse Record\PLUG\PLUG License.xml

where PLUG is the name of the plug-in (Convology XT) or ConvologyXT library you are trying to license.