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Frequently Asked Questions

How to enable logging?

When debugging difficult issues, a log file may be useful. By default log files are not created but they can be enabled as follows.

Select Tools->Preferences while holding down the Alt key on Windows, Option key on Mac. The preferences window will open with an option for Debug Level. Select “Debug” and then click OK to close the Preferences window. Then close ConvologyXT and close your session. The next time a session with ConvologyXT is opened, a log file will be created. The log file can be found as follows:


/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Impulse Record/Convology XT/Convology XT log.txt

where USERNAME is your login name. Your user Library folder may be hidden, in which case you can select the “Go To Folder” option in the Go menu of the Finder, enter “~/Library”, and click OK.


C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Impulse Record\Convology XT\Convology XT log.txt

where USERNAME is your login name. AppData may be hidden; use the explorer view options to show system files.