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Plug-ins display a black UI on MacOS?

With recent DAW releases on MacOS starting with 10.15 Catalina, our older plug-ins (Power Suite v5, Master Restoration Suite v5, and Dialog v1) do not draw. The plug-ins process audio, but the graphical user interface is blank, showing a black window. This appears to be an incompatibility between the SDKs used to build our older plugs and the later SDKs used to build the DAWs. Apple is always phasing out support for legacy systems, for example, 32-bit code. There is unfortunately no easy workaround. We have rewritten all the older plug-ins to use the JUCE framework, resulting in Power Suite 6, Master Restoration Suite 6, and Dialog 2. The are paid upgrades (65% off list) owing to the large effort required. See the Purchasing FAQ category for information on how to upgrade.