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How does one automate a sound trajectory?

Panorama itself doesn’t support automating the source, instead you have to use the features the host provides to automate plug-in parameters.

You may need to enable automation for Panorama’s position parameters in the host’s automation settings: Azimuth/Elevation/Distance if you are in Polar mode and X/Y/Z if you are in Cartesian mode. You will also need to enable an automation mode, e.g., Touch or Latch. Then, during playback, you can move the source position and the host will record the trajectory. Most hosts also provide the capability to manually edit the automation data.

If using ProTools, click the Auto button in the plug-in header (the top part that Pro Tools manages). In the window that appears choose the parameters you wish to automate and click Add. You can now automate those parameters in your Pro Tools session by setting the respective track to an enabled automation mode, Latch mode is the best choice for Panorama.

If using Logic, you have to enable automation on the track (click on the button that says “Read” on the track in the Mixer view and change it to “Latch”). Then when you play the project, it will record movements you make in Panorama. You can also edit the curves by editing the automation data underneath the track (you have to click on the Show Automation button in Logic).