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How can I process binaural recordings to apply the crosstalk canceller?

Panorama contains a really nice crosstalk canceller, but doesn’t provide a way to directly process a stereo input through the crosstalk canceller, because all inputs are processed though the binaural synthesis stage. There is a workaround way to do this. Turn off the reflections and reverb. Position the sound source directly in front of the listener, then set the input width to 90 degrees, that will set the two virtual sources directly to the left and right of the listener. Then, reduce the filter length of the direct sound to 1 sample. So there is essentially no HRTF filtering going on and each channel feeds the corresponding ear with very little crosstalk. Then set the mode to loudspeaker mode at whatever angle you use for your speakers (20 or 30 is typical). It’s not perfect but it should work alright for processing binaural input signals.

A future version of Panorama will include the feature to apply crosstalk cancellation to binaural inputs.