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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unlock/register my plug-in(s)?

We support two licensing methods – Wave Arts licensing and Pace/iLok. When installing the plug-ins you must select which version of the plug-ins you wish to use. When you purchase a plug-in, you will be e-mailed a serial number (looks like WA-PPP-XXXXX-XXXXX where PPP is a product code). Use the serial number to unlock the plug-in as described below.

Wave Arts licensing using key files
Our latest plug-ins use a new online activation system accessed via the Tools->Register option. Simply enter your serial, name, and email, and the plug-in will be unlocked.

If your computer is not connected to the internet you will be prompted to follow the offline activation procedure, which is exactly like the above procedure except instead of a key code, you will be emailed a key file. Copy the key file to the target machine, and then click Tools->Offline Register and then click “Open Key File” and select the file. The plug-in will be unlocked.

Wave Arts licensing using key codes
Our older plug-ins are unlocked with key codes. To unlock the plug-in after purchasing, go to our Product Registration page, select “Wave Arts licensing” in the Licensing Method menu, and enter your serial number and your computer’s Machine ID (see Machine ID FAQ). A key code (looks like XXXXX-XXXXX) will be displayed and also e-mailed to you. Then, open the plug-in, select Unlock Plug-In from the Tools menu and enter your key code. You should see a message saying your registration was successful.

If you have purchased a plug-in suite, when you unlock any one of the plug-ins within the suite, the entire suite will be unlocked.

We provide three registrations to unlock on up to three machines. If you need more when you decommission old machines, please ask.

Prior to activation, the plug-ins will allow you to start a trial by creating an iLok account. To unlock the plug-in after purchasing, go to our Product Registration page, select “Pace/iLok”, and enter your serial number. A Pace redeem code (looks like XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XX) will be displayed and also emailed to you. There are two ways to redeem the code and generate a license. When opening the plug-in a dialog window will appear and give you the option to Activate the plug-in, you can paste the Pace redeem code there, and proceed to create or login to an iLok account and then transfer the license to an iLok or your machine. Otherwise, go to http://www.ilok.com, create an iLok account, and download and install the iLok License Manager. Within the manager, under the Licenses menu, select “Redeem Activation Code” and paste your redeem code. Then transfer the license to either an iLok dongle or your machine. The plug-in will run only if it can find a license on an iLok or the machine.

When purchasing a plug-in suite, the redeem code will generate multiple licenses, one per plug-in in the suite, but the licenses are grouped together.

We currently provide one iLok license redemption per serial, which can be activated onto an iLok dongle or a machine. Some users may prefer to use machine licensing and want to install on multiple machines. And sometimes a machine authorization is lost due to a disk failure. If you need more Pace/iLok activations, please ask. We do not support iLok Cloud.