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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Machine ID?

Your Machine ID is a unique 5-digit identification number our plug-ins generate based on properties of your computer. Our key code system uses the Machine ID and the product serial number to generate a key code that will unlock the plug-ins on your specific computer. The Machine ID is NOT used for PACE licenses (you will redeem a PACE code instead).

To find your Machine ID:

Open the plug-in within a host application, click on the Tools button inside the plug-in window and select the “About…” item:

This will show the About box displaying information about your plug-in including the Machine ID, for example:

On Mac OS X and Windows systems, if your computer has Ethernet, the Machine ID is based on your hardware Ethernet MAC address. Therefore you should not have to re-register your plug-ins if you update your operating system or reformat your hard drive.

On Windows systems, changing the network configuration can sometimes result in your Machine ID changing. If this happens, you can get a keycode for the new Machine ID on our Register page and the plug-in should stay registered, even if your system alternates between Machine IDs. Contact us if you need further assistance such as additional keycodes.