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Frequently Asked Questions

What product is my serial number for?

Wave Arts serials look like WA-PPP-XXXXX-XXXXX where PPP is a product code and XXXXX-XXXXX are hex digits. The product codes and the corresponding product names are listed below:

PS6: Power Suite 6
FP6: FinalPlug 6
PN6: Panorama 6
MD6: MultiDynamics 6
MV6: MasterVerb 6
TP6: TrackPlug 6
DLG2: Dialog 2
TSV: Tube Saturator Vintage
TS2: Tube Saturator 2
MRS6: Master Restoration Suite 6
MRN6: MR Noise 6
MRH6: MR Hum 6
MRC6: MR Click 6
MRG6: MR Gate 6

Impulse Record products start with IR- instead of WA-

CVXT: Convology XT
CLDS1: Convology 80s-90s DSP1 – Basic
CLDS2: Convology 80s-90s DSP2 – Classic
CLDS3: Convology 80s-90s DSP3 – Pro
CLECH: Convology Echo Space
CLBAS: Convology Factory Library
CLPLT: Convology Plates
CLSPR: Convology Springs Boingy
CLSPB: Convology Springs Bright
CLSPW: Convology Springs Warm
CLAMP: Convology Vintage Amps
CLVGD: Convology Vintage German DSP
CLCOM: Convology Complete
CLTS1: Convology True Stereo 1
CLTS2: Convology True Stereo 2

Legacy products are listed below:

TP5: TrackPlug 5
MV5: MasterVerb 5
PC5: Power Couple 5
FP5: FinalPlug 5
MD5: MultiDynamics 5
PS5: Power Suite 5
PT5: Power Trio 5
PN5: Panorama 5
TBS: Tube Saturator
DLG: Dialog
PSX: Power Suite AAX DSP
TPX: TrackPlug AAX DSP
FPX: FinalPlug AAX DSP
MDX: MultiDynamics AAX DSP
MRS: Master Restoration Suite
MRC: MR Click
MRN: MR Noise
MRG: MR Gate