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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer upgrade/crossgrade discounts?

Yes, if you already own Wave Arts plug-ins, we offer various discounts when upgrading from earlier versions and when buying new products.

To upgrade, send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with your order number, serial number, or email address used to purchase a previous version of plug-in(s). We will respond with a coupon code that will let you purchase the latest versions with the discounts listed below.

Tube Saturator to TS-2
Original Tube Saturator owners can purchase TS-2 for 50% off.

Power Suite Plug-Ins
You are eligible for a:

$100 credit for each v5 plug-in you own
$75 for each v4 or v3 plug-in

provided the plug-in you own is the same as, or part of a bundle you wish to upgrade to.

Master Restoration Plug-Ins

Upgrade to Master Resoration Suite from individual MR plug-ins

You are eligible for a:

$149 credit for MR Noise
$49 credit for MR Hum, MR Click or MR Gate

Master Restoration discounts for Power Suite customers

Get $20 off Master Restoration Suite for each v5 Power Suite plug-in you own.

Power Suite discounts for Master Restoration Suite customers

Get 25% off individual Power Suite plug-ins or the whole bundle.

To crossgrade from AAX Native to AAX DSP, there is a $100 fee for each DSP plug, equal to the difference in price between AAX Native and AAX DSP formats. You can upgrade all three to DSP for a discounted price of $250.