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Frequently Asked Questions

What's your copy protection and licensing policy?

You must purchase a license (a serial number) for the number of people using the plug-in, or the number of machines it is installed on, whichever number is smaller.

You can choose to use either Wave Arts licensing or Pace/iLok for copy protection with some exceptions. Our free plug-ins support Wave Arts licensing only. The AAX formats for Power Suite v5, Master Restoration Suite v5, and Dialog v1 plugs support Pace/iLok only. You may also use any combination of Wave Arts and Pace/iLok licensing for different formats or machines.

When using Wave Arts licensing, you can register the plug-in on a maximum of three machines. If you get an error saying that you have used up your maximum registrations, contact us to request more.

For Pace licensing, your redeem code will provide one or more Pace licenses which can be transferred to an iLok dongle or to a machine. Power Suite 6 redeem codes can be redeemed twice to give two licenses, other products provide only a single license. You can contact us to request an additional license.