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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ordering procedure?

When you click on a product on our Store page you will be taken to our Esellerate e-commerce checkout page. Once there you can use a credit card or Paypal to purchase. Our company will appear on your credit card statement as DRI*WAVEARTS. Any educational or upgrade/crossgrade discounts can be applied during purchasing by entering a coupon code.

After purchasing a plug-in or suite you will receive an email receipt with a product serial number (looks like WA-PPP-XXXX-XXXX where PPP is a product code), which you will need to unlock the product. You have the choice of two licensing methods: Wave Arts licensing or Pace/iLok. With either method you must enter your serial number on our Registration page and receive a code to unlock the plug-in. You have the option of downloading a new installer at this point but it is not necessary if you downloaded the latest version on our Downloads page.

See the FAQ entry How do I unlock/register my plug-in for more information.