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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Tube Saturator 1 use so much CPU?

The analog modeling technology used in Tube Saturator 1 is a significant advancement in this field- basically it’s a real-time simulation of an actual circuit schematic (using approach not unlike a system like SPICE, a circuit simulator used for many years in the electrical engineering field). The technology is at the leading edge of what CPUs can reasonable handle but we wanted to make it available for those who are seeking a no-compromise, accurate model of an analog tube device. The future possibilities of this real-time circuit simulation are exciting – basically any circuit schematic can be specified, covering a wide family of applications – compressors, EQ, guitar amps, etc. – the only limitation being CPU power.

Tube Saturator 2 achieves nearly the same simulation accuracy as Tube Saturator 1 by using the same circuit simulation technology to pre-compute large data tables. Using the tables greatly speeds up the realtime processing.