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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you support MacOS Big Sur and M1 Macs?

Yes. We have tested our plug-ins in Big Sur running on both Intel and M1 processors. The good news is that everything seems to work. We discovered a minor issue in Tube Saturator 2 where the knob value popups had graphical distortion when updating. It’s possible there are other some other graphics problems yet to be discovered. On M1, we ran the plug-ins using Rosetta emulation and the results were surprisingly good, everything ran, sounded great, and CPU usage was quite low.

We plan to release updates of all plug-ins to address any pending issues with Big Sur in early 2021. This will include ARM binaries for optimum performance on M1 Macs.

These will be free updates for users of Power Suite 6, Master Restoration 6, Dialog 2, and Tube Saturator 2 plug-ins.