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How do I load version 4 presets into version 5 plug-ins?

If you are already managing presets in v4 using a Wave Arts preset file, you are in good shape. Your v5 plug-in can import this file directly. Skip ahead to step B.

A. If you are managing v4 presets using your host program, you will need to create a Wave Arts preset file and store the presets one by one. Here is how to do this:

1) Open the v4 plug within your host. Select “New Preset File…” from the File menu found in the top menu bar of the v4 plug-in. You might name the file “TrackPlug 4 Presets.txt” if you are saving TrackPlug presets.

2) Select a preset from the host application preset interface.

3) Save this preset using “Save Preset As…” from the File menu. You may have to type in its name.

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all presets you have stored in the host for the plug-in.

5) Close the preset file by selecting “Close Preset File” from the File menu.

B. Now you can import the presets into the v5 plug-in. Open an instance of the corresponding v5 plug-in. Select the “Import…” option in the Preset menu found in the menu bar at the top of the v5 plug-in. The plug-in will ask you whether you want to replace your existing user presets. Then select the file of v4 presets. The preset will be read, converted into v5 format, and will appear in your list of user presets, found in the Preset menu under the “User” rolloff menu.