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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Wave Arts plug-ins work on macOS 10.15 Catalina?

Yes, with some caveats. If you have already installed the latest versions on Mojave, and you upgrade to Catalina, everything should work as before. If you are upgrading from an older macOS and are still using old versions of our plug-ins, you will likely get “installation error” messages when opening the plugs. You must install the latest versions of our plugs. The latest versions are 5.90 for PowerSuite and Master Restoration Suite, and 1.39 for Dialog. Note that Convology XT, Tube Saturator 2, and Tube Saturator Vintage are based on more modern code and did not have issues migrating to Mojave, so older versions of those will most likely work fine on Catalina, and the latest versions work.

Installing plug-ins on Catalina

Our installers are not yet “notarized” by Apple, hence when you launch the package installer you will get the following error:

To get around this, you can right-click on the installer, select Open from the menu, and the dialog will now show an Open button as follows:

This workaround may not be allowed by Apple after January, 2020. At that time, Apple will require that applications be notarized. Notarization has a number a requirements, one of which is that the software be built with a recent Mac SDK. Our older plug-ins (Power Suite, Dialog, and Master Restoration Suite) are based on old Mac SDKs. It’s possible these plug-ins will need a complete rewrite to modernize them. We’re already working on this, but it is going slowly. The upshot is that when Apple hardens its security settings these older plug-ins may not be installable on macOS until our rewrite is complete. So, if you need them on Catalina you should install them before January, 2020.

Click here for more information on relaxed notarization requirements.

The above comments apply to AU and VST formats. AAX format for ProTools and Media Composer is not yet tested, because ProTools and Media Composer are not yet supported on Catalina.

Click here for Avid support page regarding Catalina support