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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Wave Arts plug-ins work on macOS 10.15 Catalina?

With some recently released hosts, our older plug-ins do not draw, the plug-in GUIs appear black. See this FAQ entry for more information.

If you are using older plug-ins (Power Suite 5, Master Restoration Suite, Dialog), make sure to install the latest versions, otherwise you will likely get “installation error” messages when opening the plugs. The latest versions are 5.90 for Power Suite 5 and Master Restoration Suite, and 1.39 for Dialog.

Installing plug-ins on Catalina

Our older installers are not yet “notarized” by Apple, hence when you launch the package installer you may get the following error:

To get around this, you can right-click on the installer, select Open from the menu, and the dialog will now show an Open button as follows:

We are working on updated versions of the plug-ins which will be properly notarized.

Click here for more information on relaxed notarization requirements.