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How do I migrate presets from v5 to v6?

The PowerSuite 6 plug-ins do not replace PowerSuite 5 plug-ins, they will co-exist on the same system. To replace an older v5 plug-in in a DAW session, the user should do the following:

1. Load the session using the v5 plug-in
2. Save the v5 settings as a user preset, by selecting Preset->Save As…
3. Remove the v5 plug-in from the effect insert
4. Add the equivalent v6 plug-in
5. Import the v5 plug-in preset file, by selecting Preset->Import… and navigating to the v5 preset file. On Mac OS, the preset file can be found in “/Library/Application Support/Wave Arts/PLUG/PLUG Presets.txt”. On Windows, the v5 preset file can be found in “C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Wave Arts\PLUG Presets.txt”, where USER is the user’s login name and PLUG is the name of the plug-in.
6. Select the proper preset for the session from Preset->User
7. Save the new session