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Latest versions

When installing the plug-ins you will chose a licensing method: Wave Arts challenge-response or PACE/iLok. The PACE version requires iLok 2 or can be authorized on a single machine.

All our plug-ins operate as 30-day fully functional demos (14 days for PACE versions) until you buy a license and authorize them.


Older versions of our plug-ins (select platform to see available products).


Tube Saturator Vintage 0.5MB, Adobe PDF Format

Tube Saturator Vintage Manual

Download PDF

Tube Saturator 2 1.6MB, Adobe PDF Format

Tube Saturator 2 Manual

Download PDF

Dialog Manual 1.4MB, Adobe PDF Format

Dialog Manual

Download PDF

Master Restoration Suite 1.1MB, Adobe PDF Format


  • MR Noise
  • MR Hum
  • MR Click
  • MR Gate
  • Master Restoration

Download PDF

Power Suite 5 1.2MB, Adobe PDF Format


  • TrackPlug 5
  • MasterVerb 5
  • FinalPlug 5
  • MultiDynamics 5
  • Panorama 5

Download PDF