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Native Format (AU/DX/MAS/RTAS/VST)

All our plug-ins operate as 30-day fully functional demos until you buy a license and authorize them.

AAX Format

When running the AAX plug-ins for the first time, you will be presented with a PACE dialog box asking you to activate the product. Please click "Try" to activate a 14-day demo.


Older versions of our plug-ins (select platform to see available products).


Power Suite AAX 1.1MB, Adobe PDF Format


  • TrackPlug AAX
  • MasterVerb AAX
  • FinalPlug AAX
  • MultiDynamics AAX
  • Panorama AAX

Download PDF

Dialog Manual 1.4MB, Adobe PDF Format

Dialog Manual

Download PDF

Tube Saturator 0.4MB, Adobe PDF Format

Tube Saturator Manual

Download PDF

Master Restoration Suite 1.1MB, Adobe PDF Format


  • MR Noise
  • MR Hum
  • MR Click
  • MR Gate
  • Master Restoration

Download PDF

Power Suite 5 1.4MB, Adobe PDF Format


  • TrackPlug 5
  • MasterVerb 5
  • FinalPlug 5
  • MultiDynamics 5
  • Panorama 5

Download PDF