• Fred Paragano with MultiDynamics 7 portrait

    Fred Paragano with MultiDynamics 7

    WaveArts MultiDynamics has been my go-to multi-band compressor for years. It is a critical tool for taming harsh dialogue, shaping vocals, music mastering, and transparent threshold-based noise suppression.

    With the release of MultiDynamics 7, I continue to have all the functionality of the previous versions with the addition of new features that further make it unlike any other tool in its class.

    A new graphic interface, spectrum analyzer, increased gain reduction and threshold learn functions make MD7’s new feature set unique amongst its competitors. It is a critical part of my default vocal and dialogue chains and is directly responsible for the signature sound that my clients love and expect from my work.

    In addition to MD7, all WaveArts plug-ins have become part of my everyday workflow. I would not be able to do what I do as effectively without them.

  • Steve Tavaglione portrait

    Steve Tavaglione

    I work one-on-one with most of the film composers and tv composers such as Thomas Newman, Paul Haslinger, Jay Gruska, John Keane, Bill Brown, Aaron Zigman and am always referring to the Wave Arts plug-ins for help.

    I use TrackPlug on every session to alter the character of the sounds that I use. Fitting the sound in, not to get in the way of other parts of the music or dialogue is important to the session. I can also alter the original sample to become another instrument using TrackPlug.

    I use FinalPlug to control the final mix of what I am presenting to the composer.

    I use MasterVerb all the time to get a different take on the ambiences that I create. It is the smoothest non-convolution reverb out there.

    Panorama helps me place different elements of my sound to fit in the overall sound horizon of my patch (eg. one element in your face while a subtle element just in the background barely felt).

    I am now doing a fair amount of field recording now and use the Master Restoration plug-in to clean up the unwanted ambience in the recording.

    I would be seriously compromised without the use of these plug-ins.

    Based in Southern California, Steve Tavaglione has had a rich an varied musical career. He is a multi-instrumentalist, playing saxophones, clarinets and flutes touring and or performing with the likes of George Benson, John Patitucci, Roger Waters, Sly and the Family Stone, Sergio Mendes, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta and scores of others. He is a leading performer on Nyle Steiner’s EWI (a wind synthesizer).

    Steve’s extensive resume includes work on movies such as Oceans 11,12, and 13, American Beauty, Finding Nemo, Bugs Life, Bridge to Terabithia, and Jarhead as well as the television series CSI New York, CSI Las Vegas, Supernatural, Charmed, Jericho, Lois and Clark, and Diagnoses Murder.

  • David C Hughes portrait

    David C Hughes

    MasterVerb has worked great for me as a reverb for foley props- the low processor drain allows me to keep Masterverb humming along even in a gigantic film sound mix session.

    TrackPlug is an instant ‘make-it-better’ plug in that can help fix even dramatically bad production audio and the low processor hit means I don’t have to worry about dropping it onto dozens of tracks. Additionally, the user interface of TrackPlug is fast and intuitive, allowing me to bang in settings quickly by listening and moving the nodes, rather than typing values into tiny boxes. Since I got the Wave Arts tools there’s not a single film I’ve worked on that I haven’t used TrackPlug on at some point in the creative process.

    FinalPlug has bailed me out in several music sessions, giving me the gain and punch I’m looking for that you’d normally associate with finalizing software costing many times what you’ll pay for the entire Wave Arts production suite.

    David began working at Skywalker Sound in 1996 and has worked on over one hundred feature films in his career at Skywalker. Originally from Texas, David has a degree in music performance and composition from NTSU. At the age of 30 David sold all his belongings and moved to San Francisco after reading that George Lucas had just purchased fifty digital audio workstations. Three months later David started working at Skywalker Sound.

    To date, he has received 19 Golden Reel nominations and 3 Golden Reel Awards. He has worked on films by David Fincher, Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg, Robert Redford, Ryan Coogler and Mamoru Oshii, to name just a few. He has been able to continue his lifelong study of film sound under sound design greats such as Ben Burtt, Gary Rydstrom, Randy Thom, Chris Boyes and many others.

  • Rick Kelly portrait

    Rick Kelly

    “Tube Saturator 2 has put great energy into my tracks. I am currently using it on various drums, instruments, aux sends underneath vocals and it is simply magic. TS2 brings everything it touches to life. It will definitely be a ‘secret weapon’ plugin on the next Soul Ballet CD as well as my film and television work.”

    Rick Kelly is a Grammy nominated producer, arranger, programmer, multi-instrumentalist, and actor. Rick is the force behind Soul Ballet, a mix of electronica and smooth jazz described as a chilled out, funky blast of sonically brilliant, magnificently performed nujazz originals.

    In addition to Soul Ballet, Rick has produced / performed / arranged for: Michael Jackson, Madonna, Dave Stewart, Shakespeare’s Sister, Herbie Hancock, T-Bone Burnett, Cheap Trick, Earth Wind & Fire, The Emotions, Tavares, Foxy, The Call, Jaco Pastorious, Olivia Newton John, Kim Carnes, David Foster, Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer, Patrice Rushen, The Brothers Johnson, Stanley Clarke, Jody Watley, Billy Preston and many more.

    As an actor, Rick has performed in dozens of TV shows and movies, and will be appearing in the upcoming release of Trumbo, starring Elle Fanning and Bryan Cranston.

  • Richard Chycki portrait

    Richard Chycki

    “Wave Arts plugins are powerful, versatile and musical. I’ve found them particularly helpful for fix-it situations. MR Hum, MR Noise, MR Click are eminently useful in restorative applications where clean and pristine are paramount. They’ve saved me often when I’m working with older, noisy masters.”

    If you’ve been enjoying the recent releases of Rush and Dream Theater, a driving force behind the sound of those projects is one of the hottest engineers around today: Richard Chycki. Richard is an engineer and mixer whose clients include such rock royalty as Rush, Aerosmith, Dream Theater, Def Leppard, Mick Jagger and Skillet.

    Known for his pioneering mix work in 5.1 surround, prog icons Rush entrusted Chycki to remix the multimillion selling 2112, their career pinnacle Moving Pictures, as well as A Farewell To Kings, Signals, Snakes & Arrows and Fly By Night in surround. In fact, 24 of Rush’s last 26 gold and platinum awards in North America over the past 9 years have been given to him recognizing his surround mix work on their live DVDs. While rock acts Dream Theater, Skillet, Simple Plan and Our Lady Peace have also tapped his surround mix talents, other genres have caught word, most notably for DVD releases with P. Diddy/Tyrese/Shaggy and Sean Paul.

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