• Are you looking to take your mastering and track processing to a more professional? Look no further than Multi-Dynamics 7, a powerful multi-band dynamics processor that offers unparalleled flexibility and control. In this post, we'll dive deep into the features and capabilities of Multi-Dynamics 7, exploring how it can enhance your sound design, mastering, and noise reduction processes.

  • Mixing with headphones can be challenging due to the distinct separation between the ears. This limitation can cause the perception of sound to be localized within the head rather than originating from an external source, as is the case with room speakers. Crossfeed addresses this by introducing some interaction between the left and right audio channels, simulating a typical studio monitor setup. Crossfeed enhances the headphone audio experience by mitigating the limitations of direct ear-to-ear sound delivery. Various headphone amps implement crossfeed differently, allowing users to customize the degree of interaction.

  • MultiDynamics 7 is an excellent tool for achieving a more impactful kick in dance music while maintaining a balanced overall volume and minimizing excessive processing. One effective approach to achieving a harder-hitting kick is by emphasizing the lower mids. To implement this technique successfully, it is important to understand the concept of upward expansion.

  • In this brief article, we compare a mockup of a Panorama 7.1.4 virtualizer with the Atmos renderers in Logic Pro.

  • Wave Arts Panorama 7 in Sound on Sound
  • Price drop

    As we begin to roll out new version 7 plugs, we are dropping prices on many existing products. Power Suite 6 plug-ins are now priced at $99 each, the suite is $399. Dialog 2 is now $99. Master Restoration Suite 6 is now $99, MR Noise is $69. Tube Saturator 2 is now just $49.

  • There are currently a multitude of factors that continue to make 2023 a challenge for musicians, gear makers and software developers. From chip shortages to inflation and in the case of our UI design team : A war. Meet Voger Design, our UI developers from Ukraine. They have been designing user interfaces for many years and are the collaborative brains behind many of your favorite products. They have also been instrumental in Wave Arts achieving the look and feel we wanted for Panorama 7. Voger Design has been working tirelessly through difficult wartime conditions. And while they remain “safe” we wanted to shed some light on their circumstances. We spoke to Serhii Sukhodolsky who is the art director at Voger Design.

  • Panorama 7 released

    Panorama 7 sports a new dark-themed user-interface, a motion sequencer, and many other new features.

  • Convology XT became my main reverb of choice in music and film sound.

    A professional-sounding reverb that is always present on my return channels to give that top blanket of stereo brightness on my drums and clarity on voices.

    10 separate libraries of vintage, true stereo and spaces, very well-written interface controls, and entering your own impulse response for free it’s quite mind-blowing, did I already mention is for free?

  • Real life example of migrating a Steinberg MultiCompressor preset to MultiDynamics