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Making Impactful Kicks with MultiDynamics 7

MultiDynamics 7 is an excellent tool for achieving a more impactful kick in dance music while maintaining a balanced overall volume and minimizing excessive processing. One effective approach to achieving a harder-hitting kick is by emphasizing the lower mids. To implement this technique successfully, it is important to understand the concept of upward expansion.

Upward expansion is a dynamic processing technique that selectively increases the volume of specific frequency ranges within a sound. Unlike traditional compression, which reduces audio volume above a certain threshold, upward expansion boosts audio volume below a specified threshold. By applying upward expansion to the lower mids of a kick drum, we can enhance this area’s presence and impact. (I would number the graphics)

  1. To begin, rolling off a portion of the lower frequencies from the kick drum. This allows more sonic space for the sub-bass or rumble elements in the mix.
  2. Next, we expand a small band at 63hz to smooth out the bump by bringing some of the energy upwards,
  3. with the understanding of upward expansion, we can apply this technique to raise the volume of the lower midrange frequencies as well, further emphasizing the punch and power of the kick.
  4. We have also slightly compressed and lowered the volume of the highs allowing us to focus on the most prominent aspect needed of the kick.

A good tip to remember is that not all of a kick needs to be loud, just the impactful body/ beater of the kick and that this area may change between songs.

Those Kicks

By implementing these steps, you can achieve a harder-hitting kick in dance music, enhancing its impact and ensuring the sub-bass and rumble elements have room to breathe in the mix.

Before Processing, a somewhat flat lifeless kick even though the decay and length of the kick are more or less correct.

After Multidynamics 7 Processing. We’ve added shape to the kick and emphasis on the Lower mids.