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Artist Spotlight _ Rico Casazza

Born in Milan, he moved to London at the age of 19, and spent 21 years in the UK capital, growing up exposed to the intense and charismatic electronic music scene that London is famous for, he cut his teeth in the early ‘00 underground music scene, the beginning of Techouse in Croydon, the born of Dubstep, the clubbing evolution from hard house to breakbeat going to minimal techno and electro, he lived and digested this piece of era growing up as a teenager.

His music production has a lot of UK influence combined with his own musical imagination, Rico's music is characterized by a sound signature that is known to his fans for its deep, dark and melodic nostalgic vibes, music that brings you inward.

Having released a huge number of releases under his belt since 2007, he has released 22 EPs, 6 full albums, and 18 remixes and still has made a name for himself during all those years.

As a performed ( DJ and Live set) Rico in the last decade has played all over Europe, Mexico, India and USA, gaining notoriety with his eclectic DJ set that is full-on focused on Dancefloor vibe and occasionally ambient/downtempo set. However, he can play different music styles, Rico Dj sets are most notorious for his Dancefloor vibes.

He also works as a film sound designer and as a sound recordist, and obviously, he blends his music side into the film sound job, starting to compose electronic ambient pieces for films, Rico has also created a YouTube channel where he is teaching music production focused on Ableton Live, software that he knows since 11 years, and also he teaches sound for film specialized on Pro Tools, the channel features more than 1.000 subscribers.

Rico’s mission is to devote his life to sound and music, he is now living in Prague, Czech Republic, after 20 years of London’s life.