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ConvologyXT True Stereo Libraries released

Impulse Record and Wave Arts have released ConvologyXT v1.22 with support for True Stereo responses, and two new True Stereo libraries.

True Stereo processing is an exciting new feature for Convology XT. A “True Stereo” impulse response has four channels consisting of the direct channel responses (L->L and R->R) and the cross-channel responses (L->R and R->L). Input sounds panned to one side will produce reverb output in both channels. This exactly models how stereo reverbs units work, even when sounds are panned to one side, the reverb outputs spacious sounding reverb in both output channels. When a true stereo response is loaded into ConvologyXT, four separate convolution processors are required to render the response. Hence, processing true stereo responses takes roughly twice the processing power of stereo responses.

The Convology True Stereo 1 Library contains true stereo impulse responses sampled from a Lexicon 960L Digital Effects System, Lexicon 480L Digital Effects System, Lexicon PCM 91 Digital Reverberator, and Lexicon LXP-1 Multi-Effects Processing Module.

  • 960L – 34 responses, 85M
  • 480L – 30 responses, 88M
  • PCM-91 – 63 responses, 225M
  • LXP-1 – 66 responses, 304M
  • total: 193 responses, 702M

The Convology True Stereo 2 Library contains true stereo impulse responses sampled from a Sony DPS-V55 Multi-Effect Processor, Yamaha SPX-990 Multi-Effect Processor, Roland SRV-330 Dimensional Space Reverb, and TC Electronic M-ONE XL Dual Effects Signal Processor.

  • SRV-330 – 137 responses, 490M
  • DPS-V55 – 85 responses, 291M
  • SPX-990 – 106 responses, 351M
  • M-ONE – 70 responses, 248M
  • total: 398 responses, 1380M