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Power Suite 6 released

PowerSuite 6 is a significant update to the PowerSuite line, featuring compatibility with MacOS Catalina and support for VST3 format. The signal processing algorithms and user-interface functions are largely unchanged from PowerSuite 5. However, under the hood, the plug-ins have been completely rewritten to use the latest development tools and SDKs. This was necessary to maintain compatibility with MacOS and the latest MacOS DAWs, such as Logic 10.5, Cubase 10, WaveLab 10, Premiere 2020, and Audition 2020. On these DAWs, the PowerSuite 5 plug-ins do not function – the GUI shows a black window.

Summary of changes:

- MacOS Catalina and Mojave supported. Plug-ins work on latest Mac DAWs such as Logic 10.5, Cubase 10, WaveLab 10, Premiere 2020, and Audition 2020.

- MacOS installers are properly notarized.

- Adding VST3 support. Power Suite 6 supports VST3, AU, and AAX (native) formats.

- Dropping support for VST2, DX, MAS, RTAS, AAX DSP, and 32-bit builds on Mac OS-X. 32-bit VST3 is supported on Windows. Only 64-bit formats are supported on MacOS.

- AAX formats support Wave Arts licensing. Pace/iLok no longer required for AAX; choose Pace/iLok or Wave Arts licensing for all formats.

- AAX formats no longer have confusing reduced feature configurations needed for AAX DSP.

- Improved Wave Arts licensing, enter serial number directly into plug-in. This works the same as other recent Wave Arts plug-ins, such as Tube Saturator 2 and Convology XT.

- User preset manager to rename, delete, and organize presets.

- TrackPlug implements external sidechain input for all formats. There is no more TrackPlug ExtSC variation.

- New dark theme in menus and dialogs.

- Version numbers on Mac are properly reported in Get Info (plist files set correctly).

PowerSuite 5 installers are still available in the Archive section of the Downloads page. Select either “MacOS, PowerSuite v5” or “Windows, PowerSuite v5” as the platform, then select the desired installer.

PowerSuite 5 users get 65% off when upgrading to v6. Please see this FAQ entry for information about upgrading to v6.