Real Spaces Outside

Impulse responses from the great outdoors

Real Spaces Outside screeshot

The Outside Library offers a diverse range of outdoor spaces, perfect for Foley and productions requiring realistic or larger-than-life outdoor ambience. This collection includes a variety of useful outdoor environments, along with 14 specific files that combine multiple spaces for highly detailed soundscapes. From slapbacks and long reverb tails to dense and intimate outdoor spaces, this library has everything you need.


Real Spaces Outside is included in Real Spaces Complete

  • Real Spaces Churches and Halls: Impulse responses from cathedrals, churches, and small halls
  • Real Spaces Arenas and Stadiums: Impulse responses from large spaces
  • Real Spaces Rooms: Impulse responses from small intimate spaces
  • Real Spaces Outside: Impulse responses from the great outdoors
  • Real Spaces Diverse: Impulse responses from unusual spaces
  • Real Spaces Space: Impulse responses from Kennedy Space Center