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Frequently Asked Questions

Wave Arts General

General info about Wave Arts products.


Purchasing and license information.

Product Registration

How to register and unlock plug-ins.

Known Issues

bugs and workarounds


Details such as custom HRTF importing.

Tube Saturator

Wave Arts' analog modeling technology

Product Registration

Register your products

More Registration Info

For more details, visit our registration FAQ

Video Tutorials

These videos introduce the main features of our Power Suite 5 plug-in line.

All Videos


MlsTool 0.2MB, Adobe PDF Format

MlsTool Manual

Download Manual

Master Restoration Suite 6 3.3MB, Adobe PDF Format


  • MR Noise 6
  • MR Hum 6
  • MR Click 6
  • MR Gate 6
  • Master Restoration 6

Download Manual

Dialog 2 Manual 2.6MB, Adobe PDF Format

Dialog 2 Manual

Download Manual

Power Suite 6 1.7MB, Adobe PDF Format


  • TrackPlug 6
  • MasterVerb 6
  • FinalPlug 6
  • MultiDynamics 6
  • Panorama 6

Download Manual

Convology XT 3MB, Adobe PDF Format

Convology XT Manual

Download Manual

Tube Saturator Vintage 0.5MB, Adobe PDF Format

Tube Saturator Vintage Manual

Download Manual

Tube Saturator 2 1.7MB, Adobe PDF Format

Tube Saturator 2 Manual

Download Manual