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Use this form to fetch an upgrade discount coupon. Select the type of upgrade coupon you are requesting, and enter a qualifying serial number for a product you own. For example, to receive a discount coupon to upgrade to Power Suite 6 (bundle or individual plug-in), you need to own a Power Suite 5 product (bundle or individual plug-in). Please enter a serial for TP5, MV5, FP5, MD5, PN5, PC5, PT5, or PS5. For Dialog 2 upgrade, enter a DLG serial. For Master Restoration Suite 6, enter a serial for MRS, MRN, MRC, MRH, or MRG. Wave Arts serials look like WA-PPP-XXXXX-XXXXX where PPP is the product code, such as TP5 for TrackPlug 5. If you don't know your serial, contact support@wavearts.com for assistance.

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