Panorama 7 Version History

  • MultiDynamics 7.04, Panorama 7.06

    • Fix crash in Logic running on Apple Silicon when attempting to register from expiration window
    • Fix bug that caused plug to un-bypass when opening GUI window
    • MacOS installers now delete previously installed AAX plug prior to install
    • Internal updates: Juce 7.0.6, Pace Eden 5.8.1, Xcode 14.1, AAX SDK 2.5.1
    • MacOS requirement now 10.13
    • PN7: fix width parameter automation, wasn't working when in polar mode
  • Panorama 7.05

    • Added information bar showing help tips, which can be enabled/disabled in preferences
    • Enabled Doppler in most factory presets, removed Doppler Space preset
    • Initial click on text edit field selects text
  • MultiDynamics 7.02, Panorama 7.04

    • Fix issue where user presets not saved after importing legacy presets
    • Panorama now has more UI scaling options
  • MultiDynamics 7.01, Panorama 7.03

    • License popups appear after UI is drawn, fixes problem with Logic Pro on MacOS Ventura
    • Support Pro Tools Ctrl+Command clicks on knobs and texts for automation shortcuts
  • Panorama 7.02

    Fix issue where the output gain text value would get keyboard focus when using controls. Now you must click on a text field to edit. Once editing you can TAB to advance to next field, type ESC or ENTER or click on panel background to end editing.

  • Panorama 7.01

    Initial release

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